Dining tables: types, sizes and shapes to choose

The dining table is one of the most important choices when purchasing furniture. Whether or not integrator dinning in the living room, there are several important factors before making the choice

It is not the same as having a room dedicated dining only have to be part of the decor of the room. In the first case, your options of size, style and furniture support table will be higher than in the second.

Do you usually will eat and sup with her? Will it be reserved for occasional use only when you have guests? Will it be a “general purpose” table that will help your children do their homework, you to work occasionally or put into it a puzzle? The choice of material, harder or delicate, and its ease of cleaning and maintenance is important.

– If you are a family of four a table for six easily will accommodate an occasional guest: a friend of your children, your partner or your parents.

– If you are more than six, as usual, to avoid having to open and close the table continuously choose a larger (probably your home will also be higher).

– And if what you have is a small apartment for one or two people, a folding table will make a good role.

Not the same table that is to be constantly used another that is of “display” and has little use.

Hardwoods are very nice but you have to be careful not to scratch them, give them blows up or placing hot things, especially if there are children.

There are wooden tables made with special treatments for intensive use, such as chipboard, plated resistant material. It can also be covered by plates hardwood, that cheapens considerably the face of a single (increasingly scarce) solid wood.

• Roundtables. The roundtables are very usable because, having no corners, if necessary can force some capacity.

They come in all sizes but you can choose a smaller diameter for tight spaces. You can get more jobs if you opt for a extensible.

• square tables. The square table is also suitable for smaller spaces. Its width can not be excessive because it will lose the value of adaptability. The extensible typically double their capacity.

• Rectangular tables. They are the ones that are more fashionable right now. The’ve seen of all sizes and widths and all kinds of designs.

• oval tables. Among the round table and you find the oval rectangular table. Its main feature is that it has rounded edges, which softens, also their appearance.

This is important, especially in the darker wood models and larger. As the round, if necessary you can force the positions of the head, as long as it does not involve a very formal lunch or dinner.

• Extendable wings and tables. Virtually all tables can be extensible, including glass. If your dining room is not very big you can resort to models that reach triple in size.

Tables with wings also serve you for this purpose but are perhaps more suitable for the office or casual decorations.

You must confirm that only accounts with the necessary equipment to open space and to have a minimum of comfort around.

Wood, glass, wrought iron, with marble or combination of materials, dining tables have expanded their designs and some are truly spectacular.

Do not forget you have to consider also the dining chairs you choose and can go or not to match the table.

His style will be combined with the rest of the living and of the house. A good way to unify are colors, upholstery and decoration why you opt to above.

A mirror on the wall on which it is supported, will give light and dynamism. Lighting is also important.

You see, in the dining room there are also many possibilities to make super nice

¿Fabric or leather sofa? Advantages of each

If you are valuing buy fabric sofa skin or one you know to choose the perfect sofa is complicated because it involves decisions from the practical and aesthetic points of view.

There are numerous designs, different colors, different materials … but perhaps the choice we all have at some point in mind is to choose fabric sofa or choose a leather sofa or leather. ¿Although both have advantages and disadvantages What are the pros of each?

Here are some answers that may help you in your decision



Colors and designs

Colors and designs that allow the fabrics are much higher than those offered by the skin. The sofa itself becomes a great decorative element itself based on its shape and upholstery.

Deals and bargains

Having much more variety of upholstered sofas is easier to find deals, discounts and even bargains. The leather sofa, just raw material is more expensive entry and models are more limited than upholstery.


Those who suffer allergies have on sofas and leather an ally because they do not collect or dust mites or pet hair, or other elements that can cause allergies.



This is another of the drawbacks of the skin or leather sofas because they care that you take depends on your appearance is better or worse. The skin is easy to care for but if we deal with it can wear out, dry out and tear.

With this data you prefer ¿sofa fabric or skin?


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What is taken into account when assessing your credit

It’s like a magic word, hated by some and loved by others: credit. For some closed doors but for others is the key that opens many opportunities for establishing a business or make any purchase in installments to the possibility of buying your home for most families.

Having a good credit can even make the difference in getting a job or not because the United States has become a fairly common practice, check your credit when you apply for a job. This is a controversial measure that has many critics, but the reality is that is specially made in banking related jobs or finance in general.

To evaluate it will take into account

Paying on time has its rewards. It is essential to keep your good credit. Arrears even though they are in accounts in which you have to pay low monthly amount, are reflected in your history and can make you consider “morose”.

If you have accounts in arrears you should have it update when applying for a mortgage loan. The bank will be difficult to understand that if you fall behind on a payment of a car can deliver on time with the payment of your home loan.

How much you owe, how much you pay and accounts such as credit card are in your butt. If you take too borrow, and spend all you have available on your credit could reflect a lack of control in your finances.

Take it borrowed is not negative, but knowing manage your economy shows prudence and control.

A new credit of only a couple of months being paid on time does not allow project how pay in the future. The bank wants to know that you have a reasonable amount of time, usually between one and two years complying well with your payments.

If you are buying a home through a loan is not convenient to apply for new credit cards, buy cars or make any other type of loan.

The difficult times we live have dramatically raised the number of bankruptcies. That’s not the end of your dream of owning but should recover and show it to the bank. To evaluate your request will be taken into account also the type of bankruptcy that you took me in.

In addition to a timeout period, you have to have improved the situation that led you to bankruptcy. That is, if you did not have employment, you must have it and have a working time before returning to apply for a mortgage loan.

Although these situations do not mean that never can buy your home with a loan, the bank will carefully assess your case and want to know the circumstances in which they occurred.

You can not buy a house if you have not been a game after foreclosure or “short sale”.

This is a very harmful situation. If you have, try to negotiate with lenders a repayment plan and if not accepted, you will probably have to be paid before applying for the mortgage.

Even after paid will continue to negatively impact your credit. Orient yourself with the bank where you apply for the loan on your alternatives.

It is virtually impossible to get approved for a mortgage loan without credit history. For the bank that lends you would be a big risk because the mortgage amount is always high and they want to know that you are responsible first time paying your small accounts.

If you’ve never had credit cards or any debt that report and count for your credit history, you should start building your history. Save evidence of your rent payment, payment of utilities such as electricity and water, as well as cellular.

Yes, no turning back when in your credit history appear errors. Luckily, you have not only a possibility that the necessary arrangements are made, but the right to have it corrected. However if you realize error only when you are applying for a loan you can risk losing the house you want.

The process of correcting incorrect information in your credit report can be slow, so the recommendation is to annually check your credit history, which is free through Annual Credit Report.

Buy furniture at garage sales

Buy furniture at garage sales is an economic resource when the budget is low or when you need furniture for a limited time. Garage sales are very popular, especially in the United States and Canada as a fast track to sell furniture and fixtures used but are becoming popular worldwide.

Need furniture for your new home, rental or for a temporary children’s room?

We live in a time when even poorer quality furniture have been carefully designed. Although the woods, sometimes, are not noble they have sufficient strength to withstand years and years. So if you have the need to furnish a room or a house at a low price do not hesitate to go to garage sales to get some parts.

Simply take some precautions

Make a list of everything you need and stick to it. Otherwise you may end up with tables, chairs or armchairs thought not buy and for which there is no room in your house.

Negotiates prices. Surely you can haggle down the price when you think of buying more than one piece of furniture or object.

Check the status of drawers and doors. Are the elements of a cabinet difficult to repair if deformed and in the case of doors, sometimes involves changing any hardware. Except for good quality furniture, worth painting, restoring or are very cheap, you will make a daily annoyance.

Pay attention to possible valuable pieces. Sometimes we can run with good furniture, good quality wood, old or piece with history. Not all people know value what they have at home and you may be able to discover a singular piece in which some only see the horrible furniture grandmother.

With these tips, sell and buy furniture at a garage sale will become a satisfying experience.

Making a closet for electricity meter

In virtually every home, near the door, usually placed the electricity meter. To hide it, you can do a little background piece of furniture that will also serve to hang keys. And the counter not only protrudes from the wall but usually antitestético.

To do this you need small furniture

The cabinet can also be fine if you opt for

It might be necessary not hide the counter, so we could do the same cabinet with another rear plywood

If you have enough wall, and a few centimeters of margin left, the cabinet will be a little larger, with an extra space in which to save a flashlight, candles and matches in case, at some point, failure supply light

With very little effort and very cheap material a small closet with many utilities is achieved. For less “handyman” There is the option to buy raw wood and decorate it personally.

You can also choose to use wooden slats industrial pallet to the cabinet structure.

Allergy, avoid it ideal for bedroom

If any member of your family have any allergies, the ideal to avoid bedroom must meet basic conditions to protect the health of the whole family.

The first is to condition the environment as much as possible to promote a healthy conditions;. The bedroom is the place you have to first put up. He spent many hours in the most important of the day, rest.

Good hygiene and preventive measures regarding allergies refers means the difference between a good or a bad break.

Take this work with patience and conditions gradually starting and ending the bed so you have less weight on the health of the allergic person.

These tips will be easier to cope with allergies especially in times when they attack more.

Other items related to allergy, avoid it ideal for bedroom, and that might interest are as follows

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How to paint “Chalk Paint” at home

I am an absolute fan of paint Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I like his consistency, finish and ease of use. In addition to all applications and techniques that you can add. It’s all a way that each follows its own way, once you get used to paint with her.

Now I’m finding myself different tutorials on the Internet to Chalk Paint at home, your own DIY Chalk Paint. And, of course, I feel that you have to experiment and see what product I get the following instructions.

Proportions for home Chalk Paint


Step 1: Mix the plaster (Plaster of Paris) with water until a creamy paste. You can use an old blender or other mixer.

Step 2: Add it to painting and continue mixing well. The quality and softness of the final product depends on how well it is whipped mix.

Step 3: Pinta as if it were authentic Chalk Paint

Step 4: Let dry

Step 5: Waxing

Another possible recipe replaces the plaster by Calcium Carbonate, but according to the general opinions, the mixture is not much better and comes out slightly more expensive than using Plaster of Paris which is also easier to get.

Once you do the first test (as in many things, do varies slightly according to each person) can adapt to your taste and see how much you can paint surface. If you need more quantity simply doubling or tripling proportions.

Drawbacks to make your own paint

– Work involves buying the ingredients and mix

– May finally mix will not answer it or not what you expect

– Will never be accurate to the texture of the original

– You must assess comparing if the result is what you expected

– It is difficult to reproduce the original colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

– The Chalk Paint home is much cheaper

– You can make your own experiments with different colors

– When you’re working in a cabinet or other object and you run out of paint and need only a small portion of a particular color is an inexpensive way to get on with your work without having to go buy more Chalk Paint that small, the more is the boat purchases, most expensive sale.

Remember that the Chalk Paint is adpater many decorative styles

With a waxed finish the furniture and objects you paint perfectly fit in the country or rustic style.

Also in a vintage or romantic setting. and, of course, with the Shabby Chic

How do headboards on the wall

You want ideas on how to make headboards on the wall? Here are instructions for

The headboard is a central element of the bedroom.

You can make an inexpensive and original header using the reference wall: graffiti, wall papered or scrim becomes the focus of attention and gives it character.

When trying to have a unique style headboard for little money and to our liking, there is often purchased to flee and take the task in their own hands.

And this element of the bed, part of it or free, is a basic interior design.

That wall is ready. Cushions of colors that match the rest of the decor and fabrics of different textures, give us a basic header. It can be completed with a picture, photo or film of our choice.

Wallpapering one wall is quite simple. if you follow a few basic tips and not fussed much work. Here’s a video tutorial very easy to follow.

In decorating shops and DIY centers you find a good deal of wallpapers. Also many textile firms presented their creations each season.

Choose one of those who follow the trends of the year but, at the same time, whatever “classic” enough so they last a few seasons.

Do not leave expensive because, depending on the size of the wall, with one or two rolls have enough. The measures of a roll of wallpaper is usually 0.53 centimeters by 10 meters.

In the market there, too, wallpapers that imitate fabric.

As in the case of wall papers, there are fabrics that set the trends, according to the seasons, but you can save by buying scraps, buy outlets in rebates or using brands more affordable.

A wall with hangings, is more expensive, fabric and placement as need a base between the wall and the web. It is a kind of special fleece.

But, you can choose a cheaper and easier method to remove if you do as follows

Advantages of this method

• You can remove the cloth to wash or clean

• You can change when you tire fabric

• You can remove the Velcro tape stapled without suffering the wall


• You need to measure very well so that the fabric is tensioned

Advantages of headers painted, papered or scrims

– Do not take up space

– They are customizable

– You can combine them with furniture and textiles easily

Saving on items

Fabrics, wallpaper and paint can be purchased at discounts, outlets, promotions or, in the case of fabric, fabric (remnants of rolls of fabric).

So, with your touch and playing with few (and cheap) elements you have a bedroom with a very personal aspect.

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5 basic power tools and practices

For home DIY, furniture and work, it is important to have a few power tools that will facilitate the work. The price rises as are more sophisticated and professional.

If you have become addicted person to the restoration, the “tuning” of furniture and recycling and going to give intensive, better choose good brands and pay a little more for better tools. You can apply the maxim “cheap is expensive”.

You can always use offers and promotions, buying them online at a specialized site that offers good prices or order them as a specific gift on special dates: Father’s Day or Mother, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or birthdays. In addition, so you are providing ideas to others (which, sure, thank you).

Do not hesitate to ask expert people. At hardware stores and home centers will provide you advice. Questions, which may seem silly you at the end are very important to know what to buy.

The drill or drill is an indispensable tool for DIY enthusiasts or not. Not only will use in your woodwork, but l need to hang furniture and other decorative items.

In the furniture, we need to drill holes for tubillones, screws or hangers. On the floor we serve to make holes for anchors.

There are bits of all kinds, depending on the material to be drilled from stone, concrete and brick to metals and woods. The diameter of the drill defines its size to match the plastic plugs that are placed on the wall to hang something.

The scroll saw is an indispensable tool for cutting wood, especially when you need to make recesses, cut to size, adjust slats or boards or get irregular shapes, for example.

You have to pick the leaves or blades depending on the hardness and thickness of the wood. You can also cut the blade angle adjusting the indicator specifying the degree in which it is positioned.

You can find for sale a variety of models: large and smaller, designed for small and irregular areas or sanding large smooth surfaces such as boards, planks or slats. It is quite useful and facilitative of large jobs that require sanding large areas.

Your first decision will be to know what is the most suited to most jobs that you usually do. Later you can complete your tools with a smaller and precise.

In this case, also it depends on the price of the functions of the machine, its power and sophistication of its finishes. There are some that have a triangular shape and using sandpaper refills with that and with a similar adhesive Velcro and are obviously more expensive than smooth abrasive belts.

A highly recommended tool because although there are manual staplers are well, if power did not have to exert some force and speed increases proportionally.

It is necessary in the work of upholstered but is also very useful to hold the planks in the back of the furniture, for example, or to help support angles frames.

If further binds the function of “Nailer” you’ll have for very little financial effort over to another feature necessary when working with furniture and even with other household jobs like fixing wooden floors or baseboards.

Its versatility lies in the use of staples and allowing larger or small nails.

The screwdriver is another indispensable in your toolbox. Have you noticed how many screws there in a house? His good fixation makes furniture are secured well or other items that look to the wall, as hangers, bathroom furniture and kitchen, are securely fixed.

equally necessary for furniture we bought in kit and rode home. The work is done almost effortlessly and this tool also brings a little bit that will serve to make small holes without drilling. They come equipped with elements that fit different types of screw: flat, star, and its size. Usually have a battery recharged by placing the screwdriver on a base is that plugs.