10 Basic furniture single floor

The choice of basic furniture for a bachelor apartment may be a little different from those who would be elected for a female apartment. Do you know what furniture that can not miss in the apartment of a single are?

For this you can consider, too, the key male style furniture

A desk is important because there are very few people who do not have a desktop computer or a laptop to work with or interact at home.

A comfortable corner with a suitable table or worktop, which may well be an interesting piece like the photo, look good in the living room or in a room dedicated to informal study.

Basic furniture for working at home

The TV is as important as the piece sofa and possibly be large, so is that a cabinet in which to place it and serve to accommodate the team also play audio and video will be a good choice.

It is recommended that you have drawers and drawers for storing video, cables and other accessories.

Buy furniture as for space

A large sofa is essential. Naps, sporting events or movies men show a preference for a large sofa, comfortable, free high back cushions and a coffee table or center forward (to drink or to Put your feet?).

Although this style with leather sofas is identified, this is already overcome and any part that is comfortable, with a nice texture and “suffered” colors come in handy: gray in his dark range, browns and chocolates, even black, are easy colors to combine.

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Hall: a simple piece of furniture with a diaphanous surface to leave keys and phone, which incorporates a mirror. It may be a simple shelf with a mirror on it because it is having a “vaciabolsillos” perhaps a mobile phone charger and a mirror in which put the finishing touches before leaving.

How to decorate the entrance hall

A bookcase or shelves on which to place books, videos, music or memorabilia (travel, awards, etc.) can occupy a place in the living room or in another room.

A dining table, however small, is essential in a single housing today. Past the time when meals were made on the coffee table in front of the television. Now there are many more people who are interested in food both to taste it to make it so a table which can be folded or extensible, is a solution for meeting with friends for the day and dinner and lunch day.

Big bed. A large bed, simple design, in which to sleep comfortably. Perhaps you can add some cushion or pillow double for the convenience of reading time. When using headboards, they upholstered these are usually simple straight lines. They can also be wood.

A piece to support and keep glasses and bottles of drink for meeting friends can have a place in the living room. They are very versatile and easy to adapt furniture. For example, buying a piece of furniture with a history or accent piece that can then have that use.

Bathroom furniture are few, and straight lines, with a drawer and storage elements essential toiletries and maybe some towels as towels and bathrobes space.

The sink, with or without vanity unit, you must have the proper height and be easy to clean materials. A mirror over it is essential and perhaps some anchored to the wall and adjustable for the most comfortable shave.

and basic decoration: Male Bathroom

Comfortable in the bedroom because although there is a good closet possibly another good place to store folded clothing plus accessories like cuff links, belts, ties, etc.

With these basic furniture housing a single cover virtually the spectrum of needs of a comfortable and orderly life. Would you add other pieces?