10 reasons to live in Miami

According to a study Nerdwallet.com, Miami, Florida tops the list of best cities for retirement. They note that 16% of the population of the city has more than 65 years and the average temperature is 76.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Next in the list El Paso, Texas; Jacksonville and Tampa, also in Florida, Memphis, Tennessee, Oklahoma City, in the state of the same name; San Antonio, Texas, Louisville, Kentucky; Tucson in Arizona and Nashville, also Tennessee.

This study assessed aspects such as the cost of living there, the cost of “assisted living” or housing assistance, health care, the level of social life, climate and ease of town to walk it. Here I bring another 10 reasons why you could live in Miami and why it might work attractive to buy homes.

hopeful outlook in real estate. A search for foreclosures and foreclosure will give you an idea that almost no such housing, contrary to what happens in other US cities. What does it mean? That the recovery is on excellent road and you could recover your investment quickly.

It is a thriving business center where companies from all over the world want to have a presence. If though you’re retired, you want to continue your business, you will find options for all levels.

The city has very passive, all near residential areas. They are ideal for those looking to live in peace but be minutes of good beaches, restaurants and shops.

If you want a more vibrant life style, in the middle of the action, also you will find. From the famous “South Beach” to the Brickell business environment or the charm and elegance of Coral Gables, there is everything to you, and the best is being built new housing projects.

Many communities have golf courses, marinas and beach access. Not only is to see it in magazines, lifestyle of those who dream of the beach at your feet, or sports like golf, is actually in Miami.

It is very close to other attractive cities. Ft. Lauderdade / Hollywood, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Jupiter, to mention a few other havens of retirees, are a short drive, and Key West, and other Florida Keys, with its charms which attract as a magnet, they are also very close.

It is only four hours from Orlando. Yes, one of the attractions of Miami is that it is near the most famous amusement parks in the world as well. A weekend getaway to Orlando is just four hours by excellent roads.

There is a house style for every taste. From beachy one bedroom apartments, sumptuous buildings that create patterns in construction, such as the Porsche Tower with elevators that take your car to the door of your apartment, your budget will dictate how to live there. If you want traditional town houses, there are also under construction or resale.

Multiple events from festivals to art exhibits. All year long festivals, carnivals and artistic shows are held including that for Latino artists, the city is presented as a must for when they are on tour.

In Miami speaks Spanish. It is curious to many, but it is well understood when it is known that Miami was and remains the favorite place of Cuban exiles, bringing a population that continues to speak Spanish. But also today the city is full of Venezuelans, Colombians and other Latin Americans who continue the legacy of his language. There is very easy to find in shops, hotels and restaurants who understands you in your language, but also health professionals and other branches, so important when you think about moving.