11 Basic mistakes when buying furniture

Lack of project, confusing measures, impulse buy or not to consider a clear budget are basic errors when buying furniture. Do you recognize yourself in any of failures?

When you go to buy your furniture, either a part or a whole room, make a study previously furniture you already own, the style of the room and your home in general. Look magazines and catalogs and carries an idea of ​​the piece you’re looking to incorporate harmoniously into your decor.

It is very important to take measurements of the room or space where you will go placed your furniture. A few centimeters more can ruin the whole decorative effect, because it is difficult subsequent solution. Also check the obstacles (windows, radiators, columns) that may impede their intended site placement.

It has much to do with this.

The harmony of proportions is vital for beauty and feeling of comfort in a room. Although the furniture fits many fine furniture in a small or very few large ends with the harmony of which we speak room.

Another problem is to mix parts of sizes that do not follow the same scale. Similarly, this situation will cause discomfort to the eye.

As proportions, color harmony is essential because it has a very significant effect not only on the appearance of the room, but also the mood of those who live in the house. Choose a color palette and Have it on hand when you buy furniture, such as upholstered.

If you live as a couple, you have children or share the house is important to ask opinion, especially if you choose the furniture that will be used by another.

This is one of the most common and easier to make mistakes. You get carried away by impulse, by taste and you end up buying a beautiful piece of furniture but you ruin your monetary forecasts. Establish a previous budget before buying will avoid this error.

And it is that the use that will give the cabinet and who will use it may advise different purchases. Not the same buy a sofa on which he occasionally sleep one to be used very often. In the second you will have to check their resistance, cleanability and opening, for example.

Have you ever bought a beautiful chair but nobody wanted to sit? Try the furniture: chairs, sofas, mattresses, bed bases … to ensure your comfort

Furniture quality is as important as the aesthetics. Check that the upholstery are well finished off, the wood is resistant, doors and drawers that slide well and have good mechanisms (this is especially important in the case of kitchen cabinets and bathroom). Aesthetics and quality should be well balanced.

Check the price includes taxes and fees, clarifies if included the delivery service or how much it costs, if the seller takes care of the furniture withdraw free or have to manage you, if a certain upholstery increases the final price of a sofa or if the price varies according to the measures. Often in those extra details to be charged to the budget it is hidden.

Here are some tips to avoid making mistakes when buying your furniture. Have you already made you one?

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