11 online virtual decorators to design your spaces

The free virtual decorators are online tools for interior designs. a resource that makes it easy to design your spaces and evaluate possibilities of distribution and size of the furniture. Also, you can change, tweak measures, see the colors, fabrics and how they look, and calculate prices. And if you need to bring these designs to stores, you can also print them.

Www.cityestudiointeriorismo.com 1. Make a plan with corresponding measurements of the room, its architectural features, windows, radiators, doors and all the elements that prevent or restrict the placement of some furniture is the first step before furnish a room. On this site, dedicated to carrying out projects and interior decoration online, you provide the template for you to do your plan and instructions to do so correctly. Once you have the data can even order your design online.

2. 3D Kitchen Planner IKEA

After accepting the conditions for the necessary software is installed on your computer, you just have to start entering data the program will asking: walls, windows, doors, cabinets, appliances, etc. Add the furniture you want IKEA catalog distribution you like. To make it easier, the program offers a 3D view of your kitchen. Then you just have to keep your online plane and go to the store with your username and password. There, a specialist will help you with any questions you may have.

This planner kitchens will also be useful if you want to order several budgets as you will have a basic outline of your ideas that later can be specified with the help of professional places where you acudas.

The most complicated, which are the measures and places where water intakes and light spots and have developed are.

3. Bathroomvista Planner IKEA to design bathrooms and toilets: First, look bath solutions and furniture, including the toilets that IKEA offers in its catalog. It is the step “combined to your taste.” The next, “look the interiors” lets you out lockers inside, so you can choose options and accessories to organize. The last step “Plan your bathroom” is the scheduler itself.

It’s time to choose the dimensions and design of the bathroom and go inserting furniture chosen. The program also allows you to choose different lighting and mirrors.

4. Planner IKEA work areas: With this application you have all the tools to create an area of ​​work or study from scratch or spaces and furnished Based on that IKEA has in its catalog and which can inspire.

At your disposal all the furniture catalog. You can include individuals and accessories, so you get a good idea of ​​the proportions. In addition, it is possible to rotate to change the angle of view, including front.

5. – Planning and distribution cabinets IKEA PAX System: Combines options outside of cabinets (doors, mirrors) and interiors. It is a very easy to handle.

6. – BESTÅ storage planner IKEA UPPLEVA Salon: The modular furniture system for the living room or lounge (or where you want to create a custom composition) allows you to combine different sizes, colors and distribution.

7. Planner IKEA STUVA storage for children’s rooms

Furnishing children’s rooms is very simple with this virtual tool. It is easy to make a combination of this system of choosing furniture sizes, colors and layout. See how it is before deciding to buy.

8. Designer 3D Furniture BoConcept allows you to create your furniture online. With the online tool “Home Creator” you can play with shapes and colors of the furniture in 3D graphics in detail. The price of the chosen pieces is updated instantly and you can save your design for later. No need to download any tools.

9. Virtual Decorator Amueblando.com: This site has a very simple to use, virtual decorator with an intuitive interface and easy to handle. You can use it without signing up or registration, and lets you save your diseños.Eliges room by room, and the program offers several basic furniture that can play choosing also measures each.

It is very useful to have a very clear idea of ​​the proportions between space and furniture you choose.

10. Virtual Decorator KA International

This free decorator lets you choose any of your catalog furniture without upholstery, so you choose the one you like and see how they look. From single furniture to complete environments that combine different upholstery, different textures, printed or plain. A valuable tool for you to check what colors you like best before buying your upholstered furniture.

11. Virtual Decorator Comex.com: It is dedicated to color. With it you can change the tone of the walls to get different environments. There are suggested spaces where you can be inspired, but more interesting is that you can apply your inspiration based on your own photos. So, you find that color, contrast or complete your furniture, as contrasting shades in a room and, when you have chosen, the amount of material will be needed.