11 tips for seasonal changes in cottages

Enter seasonal changes in the decor of your house. Autumn arrives and if there is a place in which the explosion of colors and smells intensely lives is in the field. You open the window and enjoy a landscape painted by nature, which will last a short time but leaves its mark. It’s time to incorporate those feelings into your home. The same is true when they reach the spring and summer.

– It’s time to start lighten spaces: choose cotton curtains in light colors and gauzy sheers. When you open the windows will move with the breeze and have a very nice effect.

– The sofa should have a clearer and attractive upholstery. Play with covers and cushions. In the countryside, flowers and greens always combined. Esc├│gelos lighter or intense, light textures, such as cotton or linen.

– Furniture deserve joy. Adorn them with flowers or vases with decorative objects over white

– Incorporates water in vases with plants and flowers also serve to refresh

– “It shelters” your furniture: plaids on the couch, blankets and pillows in rich fabrics such as velvet, wool or heavy cotton.

– Candles accompanying

– Centers with pineapples, nuts or seasonal flowers adorn a comfortable or dining room table.


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