5 Basic errors when distributing your furniture

Do you know what are the basic errors in the distribution of your furniture and how adversely affect your home decor?

The interior design goal is to get a nice, comfortable and functional home. And it is very important to present a series of basic principles on the distribution of space according to the interior design.

Not respect the principle of proportion and scale in distribution of furniture

Surely you’ve ever entered a room that seemed like full to overflowing. Furniture, objects, cushions. No matter, because in that first moment you can not even realize what is excess.

– Furniture too large for the size of the room. This error is very common because many people will buy your furniture with a rough idea without taking measurements of the dimensions of space. Depending on where we see these pieces will seem more or less large.

Or the dining table, in the store, and even though you saw what measured, seemed to fit perfectly in your living room and suddenly you check that is completely sandwiched between the couch and the library.

– Conversely, small furniture for a large space: No take measures can also achieve the opposite effect. For fear that the furniture are very large the small purchases in excess and seem to “dance” in space.

– Not having sufficient step spaces between furniture: This error often stems from previous, buy furniture too large or simply place yourself wrong. Then try to change the site no longer fit either. It can also cause minor accidents such as bumps on your ankles or knees.

Disharmony between furniture and decoration

If you do not mark your needs, your style and l os furniture you need to do so will result in a lot of disjointed pieces that do not have in common neither the size, color or textures to create a set. And this has to do with buying furniture all at first to have your home or buying cash them gradually. We have to see the whole, not individual parts.

Lack of emphasis or focus

Each room has to have a piece of furniture, architecture or artwork to focus our attention, make it a point of interest. It is that to which our eyes are directed when we enter a room and choose sometimes unconsciously. But you should always exist for the distribution of furniture rotate around it.

Not unify a space to have rhythm and balance

The balance has to do with the way we distribute furniture, either symmetrical, radial or informal. In any case you have to complete a series of repetitive touches that help to unify and create a sense of peace and well-being and escape corseted locations such as furniture always glued to the wall or parts purchased by lots of the same model.

Create groups of useless furniture

Sometimes furniture are chosen because we like regardless of whether they will be functional or not. Furniture is to facilitate your rest and everyday tasks such as eating and sleeping. Choose functional furniture that make your life easier and avoids having pieces “ornament” that take place but are not used. Even an old and unique piece has a function to perform.