5 basic power tools and practices

For home DIY, furniture and work, it is important to have a few power tools that will facilitate the work. The price rises as are more sophisticated and professional.

If you have become addicted person to the restoration, the “tuning” of furniture and recycling and going to give intensive, better choose good brands and pay a little more for better tools. You can apply the maxim “cheap is expensive”.

You can always use offers and promotions, buying them online at a specialized site that offers good prices or order them as a specific gift on special dates: Father’s Day or Mother, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or birthdays. In addition, so you are providing ideas to others (which, sure, thank you).

Do not hesitate to ask expert people. At hardware stores and home centers will provide you advice. Questions, which may seem silly you at the end are very important to know what to buy.

The drill or drill is an indispensable tool for DIY enthusiasts or not. Not only will use in your woodwork, but l need to hang furniture and other decorative items.

In the furniture, we need to drill holes for tubillones, screws or hangers. On the floor we serve to make holes for anchors.

There are bits of all kinds, depending on the material to be drilled from stone, concrete and brick to metals and woods. The diameter of the drill defines its size to match the plastic plugs that are placed on the wall to hang something.

The scroll saw is an indispensable tool for cutting wood, especially when you need to make recesses, cut to size, adjust slats or boards or get irregular shapes, for example.

You have to pick the leaves or blades depending on the hardness and thickness of the wood. You can also cut the blade angle adjusting the indicator specifying the degree in which it is positioned.

You can find for sale a variety of models: large and smaller, designed for small and irregular areas or sanding large smooth surfaces such as boards, planks or slats. It is quite useful and facilitative of large jobs that require sanding large areas.

Your first decision will be to know what is the most suited to most jobs that you usually do. Later you can complete your tools with a smaller and precise.

In this case, also it depends on the price of the functions of the machine, its power and sophistication of its finishes. There are some that have a triangular shape and using sandpaper refills with that and with a similar adhesive Velcro and are obviously more expensive than smooth abrasive belts.

A highly recommended tool because although there are manual staplers are well, if power did not have to exert some force and speed increases proportionally.

It is necessary in the work of upholstered but is also very useful to hold the planks in the back of the furniture, for example, or to help support angles frames.

If further binds the function of “Nailer” you’ll have for very little financial effort over to another feature necessary when working with furniture and even with other household jobs like fixing wooden floors or baseboards.

Its versatility lies in the use of staples and allowing larger or small nails.

The screwdriver is another indispensable in your toolbox. Have you noticed how many screws there in a house? His good fixation makes furniture are secured well or other items that look to the wall, as hangers, bathroom furniture and kitchen, are securely fixed.

equally necessary for furniture we bought in kit and rode home. The work is done almost effortlessly and this tool also brings a little bit that will serve to make small holes without drilling. They come equipped with elements that fit different types of screw: flat, star, and its size. Usually have a battery recharged by placing the screwdriver on a base is that plugs.