5 Changes to renovate the bedroom

Change tapestries and textiles in your bedroom will look completely different Got your bedroom about? Your bed is nice and you love your tables? Your room is the bedroom of your dreams? Do not spoil it with some old fashioned or very used textiles. Take advantage of upcoming seasonal change to renew home textiles, especially sheets and blankets from your bedroom.

also used to see if you need to renew any part of your room: the descalzador chair or a stool bedside. They are auxiliary, practical and at the same time very decorative furniture.

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A fabric for each piece

DIY, there are easier and more difficult jobs. Upholster a bed headboard (or retapizarlo), if you do not want to make big fuss, it is one of the easiest and most satisfying because the result is often very showy.

That final solution has much to do with the fabric you choose. Actually, the process is not much different to upholster a chair. With a stapler upholstery, wadding and new fabric you’ve managed to change the look of your bedroom.

This process, as a whole, is pretty cheap (most expensive the wooden board, if large) as the fabric can get it on sale or at an outlet, and will remain a textile fashion and quality. So renew your upholstered headboards every so often bring novelty to your room.

Likewise, you should consider using removable covers that can be done at home or buy a more or less affordable price. So wash and keep clean, especially in children’s rooms will be easier.

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Nightstands bring personality to bed, in addition to its usefulness as support and storage cabinet. Depending on the size, color, shape can be more or less showy, complete the headboard or take the spotlight.

There are countless types and designs but you can opt for these options

A canopy bed, a bed canopy or mosquito netting solutions are easy to implement and very cheap. With this you add a plus or romantic exoticism to your bedroom. They are suitable for a women’s room, no matter the age, but also fit nicely colonial style furniture.

You know what is the Chalk Paint? If you like recycling, decoration and creative painting sure the name sounds like.

Chalk Paint paint or chalk is created by Annie Sloan paint an interior designer and expert in decorative painting that he decided to invent his painting line with your name to your tastes it will fit in decorative painting. It has a whole line, which includes skate waxes, crackle and decoupage products, brushes, etc.

He has managed a network of followers around the world. Much is based on is a versatile, acrylic and with good color card product. With Chalk Paint, you can paint all kinds of materials, from wood, metals, fabrics, plastics and stone, including floors and walls. To this joins the simplicity of its application.

They are the furniture and bright finishes, showing all the possibilities of this painting. You get pieces with styles that can be either French or vintage as more romantic than fit different decorations.

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