6 Practical furniture to save space and money

practical furniture that last long and give you extra space are the solution for many small houses and tight budgets.

Opting for furniture that does not go out of fashion, especially in large, such as sofas, sideboards .. buffets or simple designs, straight lines, neutral colors, without necessarily falling into classicism. Looking for pieces that are easy to combine with different styles, with character but they are attached to the current fashion.

Today, the needs of space in smaller houses has led to the ingenuity of designers and rare is the part that does not carry a storage space inside. Furniture become mysterious interior spaces that “swallow” and keep

Canapes under the bed which are both huge bunkers to store seasonal clothing and more. Of the same sizes as the beds of which serve mattress and an interior height of at least 30 centimeters provide a great service to have organized comforters, towels, skiing, anoraks winter and other items that take up much space and generally they need a particular site so they do not spoil.

Children and youth beds can also be purchased with storage space underneath. Large drawers (three or four), measuring background as well as the bed serve to keep your kids toys, seasonal clothing, books or electronic games. All usable space. In addition, you can also choose an extra bed below.

If you have a free wall and a meter of space in front and can improvise a breakfast table, study or craft. Folded and glued the wall, choose it in the same color as this to conceal or to make a small console. It is extra space with many uses. Then simply disappears.

Elevating tables at various heights solved center needs such as lunch or dinner without a large dining table. Are you one of those who eat lunch or dinner in front of the TV? These tables will make it easy to power them to your level.

You can also use them to work, arrange papers or use your laptop.

And some of the coffee tables or spaces incorporate drawers under the top where you can also put things that otherwise would have to have on a shelf: CDs, books, video games, …

The single beds in youth or without headers guest rooms can make sofa day. You just need to dress so as not to look like a bed and put a big cushions as a backup. You will have a comfortable and dual-use furniture for very little money.

And do not forget the sofa bed succored You find almost perfect, comfortable seats and beds comfortable as models. You get extra space in the living room or in a room. Muchoas can be saved with the bed made. doubly useful.

Search wardrobes with easily interchangeable and easy to tune doors. When you tire by changing or redecorate the doors have a new wardrobe to give another life to the whole room.