7 enemies to spoil the furniture

The furniture has several natural enemies that spoil and continuously, can make your furniture unusable. Review these tips for you to avoid the most common.

Paying attention to these factors that damage the furniture is important as price and value is high enough to worry about them.

Direct sunlight on furniture varnishes and paints discolor in a short space of time. Surely you’ve already checked on more than one occasion. Varnishes can be clarified more than two tones and also become thinner and can directly affect the wood.

The sun also damages the upholstered furniture: fabrics discolor, weaken and even tear when they receive it directly. Sofas, chairs, benches placed in front of a window or window are some “easy victims”.

The paintings also lose vivacity and shine if they receive direct sunlight.

If your furniture pieces directly receive sunlight and you can not help see to put in windows blinds, curtains or curtains to avoid this effect.

The heat from radiators and fireplaces can damage some furniture, especially those made of leather or skin cracking and harden. Try to leave space between radiators and sofas, tables and chairs and also away from direct heat from a fireplace. If it is enough, it is likely that the cabinet suffer burns from flying sparks wood.

The moisture swells the wood and cause the sheet with which are coated some pieces of furniture are off. Fix it is difficult and in many cases the cabinet may become unusable.

One of the immediate effects is that both doors and drawers do not close properly due to the extra volume acquired by moisture.

In case you can not avoid the humid environment should ventilate the rooms and resort to heat radiators or heating systems to dry the environment as much as possible.

If your furniture live in a humid environment at a time of year and very dry in another, these sudden changes can cause the wood to “swell and shrink” so cracking. It is important to choose mobiiliario of wood that better withstand temperature changes.

An example is that of a friend. Their furniture, precious, were purchased at an Asian country where he worked a few years and with a very humid climate. Woods, tropical, when moving to a much drier climate were cracked. The solution in this case was very complicated and, ultimately, expensive.

Do you have a puppy? You may already be a cat or a dog your furniture at risk. The legs of the tables and chairs are a good place to practice with his teeth. And the sofa, chair or chair, with its comfortable and cuddly upholstery are places where they like to be.

What are the dangers? Upholsteries and skin can be torn and incontinence stain and leave odors in them. Remove the smell of urine from a tapestry is possible but it costs time and effort.

Liquid spoil your furniture, you already know. There are some ways to fix the damage caused by water in the timber (major damage) but accidentally spilled liquids or fence of water from a vase can also significantly damage the surface of a table or a dresser.

Leave indoor furniture outside for long time, either accidentally or deliberately, you may damage them beyond a subsequent arrangement can solve.

If you use chairs on the terrace to increase the seating area or auxliliar table while good weather, thinks a storm, dust or blow leave important marks on them.

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