7 Free furniture made with recycled materials

Get amazing furniture made with recycled materials or other furniture that are not used to give a touch to your house ecofriendly.

This example of original wooden headboard can be built both with planks or wide ribbons you have other jobs as with wooden pallets accruing.

The originality is in the treatment of wood and decorative paint that has been given its own personality. Another caraterística that defines it is the height of the headboard, which gives elegance;. More »

A side table constructed from recycled an old suitcase and wooden legs can occupy a corner of your living as a side table.

It is original, practical and give some of those old suitcases with history there are almost any home use;. More »

This table is made with four boxes and has wheels to move it. Furniture made with fruit boxes have become popular in recent times as another way to recycle as common elements (such as pallets).

With a little imagination you can get very showy pieces and practices that fit in informal, vintage or shabby environments;. More »

Recycle old doors is another practice that has become common among DIY freaks and pieces with history.

These doors can be found in old houses, auction houses and thrift stores and in stores that sell demolition materials;. More »

This wooden staircase has been recycled shelf staggered to create a small indoor garden. But these elements you can find them other uses

– Divided in two and leaning against the wall serve as towel racks or to place blankets

– They can be used to place other decorative elements

– To hold slats or boards and make even wider shelves.

Surely you more ideas can you think

Get inspired by this model and make your own screen of reeds. It is a material that is abundant in the vicinity of rivers and handles very well to work with him.

It can serve as a separator screen, as decoration for a corner or as a headboard,. More »

This wooden box which are used to store and give away bottles of wine has been recycled into a small closet that can serve as a first aid kit or small objects because he has little background or closet for keys.

With acrylic paint, patina and a motif made with decorative painting and stencil you can get a cabinet like this;. More »

These furnishings are both restored as new materials made from waste or that many people do not give utility. It is proof that with a little imagination and skill you can get decorative objects and pieces of furniture almost free.