8 Spring-Summer 2014 Trends: auxiliaries furniture and decorative

Tendency spring-summer 2014, based on trends in furniture and decoration for 2014 is based on the most optimistic and bright what interior designers have proposed us for the whole year and spend, in general, by the mixture of styles and colors with touches of glamor thanks to the gold and glass reflections. But more

If there is a trend that fits perfectly with the spring is the mixture of black and white. Combining these two colors and leaning on white going to get sophisticated, large, looking order and if you add stripes, depending on how orientes, while’ll expand the space environments.

Use it in upholstered armchairs and banquettes as combining with carpets and textiles. If you feel daring, on a sofa it will be spectacular.

Following trends in interior Pantone 2024 you can be inspired in the most romantic, soft, evocative range of Pantone proposals.

Red, blue, yellow and green are colors “vitamin” that with one touch give life to any space. You can use them on furniture, as these red, or more discreet touches on cushions, armchairs or smaller pieces. Where you file your courage or desire that the furniture will last.

The spring prints can be replaced by another trend in 2014: upholstery and ethnic designs. Flowers, leaves, geometric designs all accompanied by a lot of color, will serve to bring nature home. Pictured chairs you can see an example but find huge variety of textiles and cushions.

You can try to make a case for a table or a stool. Then you can remove something if you want to use another upholstery for winter.

Reflexes and return you multiply the sunlight can be achieved with crystals and mirrors. The glosses are trend and can even find furniture mirror. To incorporate order them to put them in the envelope of a cabinet or on a table. It’s another way to renew a cabinet that has old you left.

Another way to get these glosses is placed on tables or furniture sets glass elements: they are decorative, sophisticated and bring joy to the environments.

Ecology and respect for the environment have already draft, deeply, in our society and furniture made with recycled materials or natural recycled wood are highly sought. There you have a chance to practice your ability to get DIY and give new life to furniture.

Natural wood furniture, just treated so they will not stain or very clear colorless varnished or tones are also fashionable this spring.

Touches of gold in spring. Or silver. They bring into perspective, especially those reflections we seek in spring. If it comes vases, you can put flowers or green arrangements. But another way is to encourage your furniture changing doorknobs, for example.

Copper can find lamps, furniture, decorative objects. It’s a trend that started a few years ago and is already firmly established.

And not lolvides you the color chosen by Pantone color as 2014: Radiant Orchid, which is absolutely a purple spring.