9 multifunctional furniture to save space

Multifunctional furniture or dual function are the perfect allies of small spaces.

Designed thinking about its usefulness while in its beauty, save space, have more than one use and are the result of social trends that speak of condos and homes with less meters and, increasingly, fewer people living in them.

The living usually shared seating or sofas and dining, so you have to adjust the measures and make good use of the meters we have. You have to plan thinking about the people who habitually live, but if you get friends or family usually would be nice if you had a piece of furniture that could be open to more people.

Choose extendable tables. You can also find examples like the photo: a console that closed ranks and 90×45 centimeters, with a system to open to the maximum, it becomes one of 225×90 centimeters.

If you choose to open with the system “book” can stick to the wall and, while not in use, serves as a support furniture that you will not take up much room

This is a small very valuable for support auxiliary makeshift areas. In sets of two or three tables, usually square, they are embedded within each other. They are of different materials and designs, from classic to very modern, even children. If you have little space look them in lightweight materials, such as glass or wrought iron, weighing less visually.

The poufs are valuable as extra seating but, in addition, the auxiliary furniture has become a key element in the classrooms. Inside you can save from blankets, plaids or pillows until your children’s toys. And they serve them as seats and tables.

These tables, square, include four puffs, also square, within them, so that if you have one little room sofa and other chairs, sites can expand to seat four people.

Elevables center tables have a system that allows you to upload to a comfortable height to eat so that in studies or very small environments, daily you avoid using larger dining table. In addition, there are some with holes and very useful to store shelves.

This type of furniture is usually used in small kitchens but has also become reduced livings because they have expanded their designs with some very decorative. Closed and folded, also it incorporates four chairs on one side, which also doubled. It serves as a console or support table, against the wall, just takes up space.

Instead of the usual coffee table, a trunk that can be ancient or modern design gives you an extra storage space. If the living room is very small looking lighter colored material and designs.

The sofa bed is a valuable piece of furniture in a home for their usefulness, especially in small apartments or studios where sometimes the living room and bedroom share space. When you buy a sofa make sure it fits your needs and comfort, especially if you are habitually sleep on it.

You’ll have to measure your room very well counting the meters occupied by the closed and open sofa.

S couch containing storage and seating area are already common. They sell with reclining and extending seats that make them very comfortable furniture. You’ll also find chase lounge swing, incorporating a handy storage chest cushions and puffs mantas.Algunos incorporate in their side that can be used as extra seating or footrest.

Choose a chest as the basis of your bed. You’ll be amazed at all the capacity offered: quilts, blankets, quilts or pillows season will be perfectly collected.

Cobblers are narrow that well-chosen pieces can be placed in a corridor or passage wall and, with a lamp and a mirror above make paper console.