Advantages and disadvantages of multigenerational households

The homebuilders have seen the growth of the need to build multigenerational homes. The population increasingly aging US, but also the economic crisis have caused families to move together, and not as a temporary measure, but as a permanent way to save on housing costs.

Saving. It is one of the biggest advantages because it does not have to pay two mortgages and if you can have the ideal home, is like having two homes one by one payment. Also with this payment Reduces maintenance and electricity and water, among others, if you compare with spending two separate housing units.

family support for families with young children. Parents who are raising their children can have peace of mind that their children can be cared for by grandparents or at least they can monitor who cares, if they hire a babysitter. In the case of school, if they have to miss school, or on vacation, grandparents always (or almost always) are a sure hand of unconditional aid.

They are together but separate. Let’s be clear, that to live together almost never works. Parents who already have their own customs, or children accustomed to living alone, may have problems sharing living space 24 hours. The multigenerational house that arises is that everyone can have their space, even many have separate entrances and making them look whenever they want, but in the meantime everyone stays in place, and taking from the decor he likes to how to organize you prefer.

They are also an option for children who return to the nest. It is difficult to pull back a decision, but divorces and other family or economic situations make them many children also go home to their parents. To ensure peace and not war, it is important that they have their own space.

Ideal for when you want to have near your aging parents. With this move away the stress of having them away without knowing if properly cared for are, or having to drive long distances to see them or to take them to medical appointments. The convenience of having them around you avoid troubles, phone calls and save you time.

They cross barriers if they are not defined. Almost live together involves setting clear rules. If not made or are not met, it is easy to pass them. Parents who suffer because children dawn outside because there are arguments between couples they see (and if they lived not far), and especially grandparents who do not respect the rules imposed by parents to their grandchildren, will have problems. Rate yourself. If you can not fulfill, better say “no” and avoid a family conflict.

You create more responsibilities. Eye, although it sounds an element of sensitivity and something like wonderful, having the aging parents close is not for everyone. There is a high degree of responsibility with them and if you are not willing to accept it, accept it. Like in the case of grandchildren, grandparents … and there are no grandparents! That re-diapering, be aware of mealtimes and play with them for many it is a matter of one day, but think it is a responsibility to be assumed by parents. It’s up to you!

They can be more expensive. Although eventually the two families to save on expenses, initially these homes may be more expensive. Usually you are directed to a fancier market and the price proves it. They are usually larger so they can pay more taxes because of the size or even more maintenance in the “Homeowners Associations” (HOA).