Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, what it is and how to use it

Chalk paint or chalk paint or chalk is a product with a satiny, silky smooth finish. It presents a distinctive look dusty and is well suited to transform your furniture pieces French Style, French style, Shabby Chic, Nordic or vintage.

Chalk Paint is a registered trademark of Annie Sloan, a benchmark in terms of decorative painting refers.

After hearing and reading about this painting at numerous sites DIY, painting and recycling, I decided to try it, so what I tell you here is my experience firsthand.

Annie Sloan says his painting is suitable fo r all surfaces, furniture, draperies, walls, floors, plastic, glass, cardboard and stone, even metals.

▷ In How a stool with Chalk Paint and crochet cover I painted a seat that had been a little older

▷ In How to Paint an upholstered puff paint Chalk Paint have painted a poof whose fabric was quite stained to check what was the result of painting chalk on textiles.

In short, you just need a piece of furniture or other decorative object (or a wall, floor or whatever you want to paint). the process is the following

There is a letter with 33 colors, from white and pastel shades through green, red and more intense blue.

You can also buy waxes for finishing. Find the “clear” which is colorless and another called “dark” tone with a finish of bitumen to create aged patinas.

Annie Sloan has several books of techniques and work step by step, translated and sold around the world, sells fabrics, templates, brushes, papers and other complementary products. He recently built wall paint.

They can be purchased at retail outlets in each country, which are becoming more numerous. Also online through their website.

Has a recommended may vary somewhat depending on the country but it is in the price range of other known varnishes price.

In these shops you can learn to manage this painting in the courses organized.

Interior decorator, designer and creator of furniture, is based in Oxford English is a benchmark in terms of decorative painting is concerned.

Annie Sloan has published books and his works are known worldwide.

He created the painting Chalk Paint to measure, when it found that the paintings were sold did not meet the qualities she needed.

Since then, the brand has begun to meet and to popularize among DIY enthusiasts and painting around the world.

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With a waxed finish the furniture and objects you paint perfectly fit in the country or rustic style.

Also in a vintage or romantic setting.

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