Basic canteens (office) in the kitchen

What is Office kitchen?

An office is the kitchen space dedicated to daily and eat more informally. It may also be in an annex room. More and more homes that incorporate it as we see trends in kitchen furniture this year.

How are these daily eaters?

There are different types of office depending mainly on the space you have available. They can be attached to the kitchen cabinets, separate tables in the center, corner tables (which incorporate a corner bench seating) or tables attached to a wall.

How is a kitchen office is designed?

To create a dining area in the kitchen you should consider these variables

– The space you have available: Free meter kitchen that you can use as well as its location is the first thing you have to evaluate to try to suit your needs.

– Members of the family who will use it: It is not the same as using the office, two, four or six people, as is also different if they are children or adults. The seats and place will be important in this case.

– If you are going to be available all day: The office should be comfortable and have all the possible availability. Often at the kitchen table it is where children do classwork or draw, where a family member ends up working or extra zone support when cooking for many.

Having to open and close the table is uncomfortable, although it may have no other choice and finally need an extendable table.

To Style of office?

The style, whether incorporated or kitchen is in an adjoining room, of course, have to follow the line of choice for all of it.

Do not forget that are also very popular extensions work on the islands, which are placed adjoining and lower, at the height of a standard table level.

Here are some simple tips so you know how to approach the design of your office.