Basic characteristics of children’s furniture

When you choose the furniture in the rooms of your children, so if the baby as if it is a transitional bedroom in what is the first thing you fixed? Are you focus on color, functionality, security?

Here are several basic features that must meet a good children’s furniture

– Children’s furniture must be safe

The safety of using furniture manufacturer must guarantee it to be adapted to the various laws of each country on this issue.

– Children’s furniture should fit the age of the children

When you Plantées his bedroom thinks his age your son or daughter and leaves room for growth but do not want to save by buying 2 meters bed for a baby who has not attained the year.

When you are old enough, negotiates, colors, lighting that they also participate in creating their own space they like.

– Eco paint children’s rooms

Children’s furniture should be painted with ignúfugos materials and paints that meet the standards of these products: water, odorless, without chemicals banned to preserve the health of your child 100 100.

– Adjusting the colors of furniture and walls at his age

The colors of the furniture have to be, like the walls, those suitable for the child’s age. Think of relevant tones to create spaces that encourage sleep, calms the play and study and provide feelings of relaxation.

Leave the strengths and stimulating colors (red, orange, yellow) for playrooms where creativity and fun have more prominence.

– The baby crib: doubly sure

If your child is still a baby and sleeps in his crib you should check that all the structure is safe, compliant and finishes are appropriate for a baby.

Quarters to play and sleep

The children’s rooms are often, as well as bedroom, as playroom and place to meet with their friends serve. a small table and chairs will be needed. They confirm that they have sufficient height and are not easy to come back or break.

Shelves and shelves to store your games should be anchored to the wall for safety (some the use of stairs when not alcacen something) and dor so that they can easily access their content. Then they can both reach and save your games and accessories.

At the same time, some bladas or height shelves serve to you to organize things that should not be hand or items that are used less.

– Furniture playrooms: design a leisure space for your child s

How have you organized your child’s room?

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