basic furniture: contemporary

The contemporary style is one of the most used in today’s society. It is rooted in the immediate past and can be both formal and informal.

The style for the years 50-80 retro pioneered at the time, so that was modern in those decades. It was a style in which they also combined different materials and others were invented at that time. Formica table top or as part of other furniture broke through and starred in many parts of the epoch. The furniture that combine chrome bars, such as dining tables and chairs, are also present in this trend

Also encompassed in the modern and contemporary style are the trends that staged famous designers and visionaries of those years, as Arne Jacobsen or the Bauhaus movement. The furniture is designed and built for function and not vice versa. They have no ornamentation and traditional and noble materials are used, such as wood, united and combined with glass, vinyl, for example. These combinations of materials are used to invent new textures;. We found all sorts of colors but, along with wood, usually clearer. Yes we will find bold colors in one of the best known furniture, such as chair Tulip p Egg chairs. If the piece is at the time, certainly you recognize it.

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