Brass: what is and how cleaning

Brass is a metal type widely used in decoration, either in furniture, lamps or applications some pieces of furniture or decorative objects. They can be pieces of modern design and recent material or come from for years, even centuries, in which case will be fairly traded antiques.

Brass is a product of an alloy of copper and zinc in different proportions metal. It is used from time immemorial, although the type of alloys has changed over time such as before zinc was not used as we know it now.

But how brass bronze distinguishes? For although his compositions are similar distantas. Experts are able to recognize at first glance but if it is not your case, uses a magnet: the brass will stick and not bronze.

Already it used in prehistoric times and are documented findings in Roman sites.

Its use became popular for its golden, similar to gold glitter, and has been used for different purposes, from metalwork to furniture. It is usual to find in the past on doorknobs and furniture, handles and applications.

Brass beds are very popular and for centuries have worked really getting beautiful pieces. This type of antique bed can fetch a high price on the market.

Today brass is still part of the decoration and furniture design. Many works of renowned designers are betting on table legs, for example, lamps or other pieces by this metal.

It is covered with a specific varnish to avoid losing brightness and darkens.

For cleaning is recommended to spend a dry cloth and rub in case of remaining fingerprints or is opaque. We must be careful because this varnish may peel off in which case the brass may darken quickly.

It is also a delicate metal so it is easily scratched. With basic care not brass tarnishes in many years.

In the case of old pieces, which do not have or have lost the layer of varnish, it is best to use a professional when the piece is large and valuable, such as a headboard, or the completely bed or a lamp.

In smaller pieces of home cleaning some tricks to draw upon it is as follows

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