Bunk beds and loft beds: space-saving furniture

Bunk beds and high to maximize space in small bedrooms, or in which two or more people sleep beds are an excellent option that does not detract from the room decorative value, especially in children and youth.

What is a bunk?

According to the dictionary of the RAE it is “each of the narrow, single beds that are used on ships, trains, barracks, dormitories, etc., and that economy of space, are usually placed one above the other.”

What is a loft bed?

Unlike the bunk bed is high which is based on an elevated structure leaving free space under it.

Although these types of beds are suitable for anyone are ideal for children and youth rooms, the free space that favor and because if few meters is a way to monetize the bedroom when you use two or more siblings. And by the way, for them it is a fun way to sleep.

Choosing a high bed

Children and young people who need their room to have the three basic functions: sleep-play-study is an ideal solution. In photo 1 you can see a high bed of new trends IKEA 2015 catalog, which can serve as an example.

Under the structure places a desk, its drawers and chair and a corresponding one of the side a closet for clothes your child. At the same time, other parts of the structure can accommodate shelving for books and toys. Do not forget, of course, to climb the ladder.

You choose what you want to put under and the style you want to give the bedroom. All trademarks and furniture factories have this type of bed, very popular, as I say, for children and adolescents.

If you complete with a nice rug that decorate but also serve as support game, you have both a multi-purpose room. He also is a solution if you want to differentiate the dornitorio the fourth game of your children.

You want a bunk room for your children?

Different types of bunk beds and loft beds

To gain even more meters there are bunk beds and pull-high. The furniture that the house has little background and are a good solution for small bedrooms or rooms that require free site leave during the day for other functions.

There are also sofas, incorporating bunk beds.

Bunk beds can be purchased adapted to the age of the youngest children. They vary the dimensions and distances of both soil beds. So, you can find children and youth bunk berths.

How safe are bunk beds and high beds?

Either of the two types of these furniture for rest have to meet certain safety standards that relate to the strength of the structure, the height between beds and of these the ground, the elements that compose and comfort for the break

Do you have a child or youth room with few meters? Do you want to take advantage of the space with a raised bed? Like the “bunk style” for your children? Well, you’re going to hit choosing a bed of this type.