Buy furniture and decoration with 50% discount

Surely you’ve heard of private sales clubs but do you know private sales clubs furniture and decoration? You know how you can buy? Do you know the way that run furniture and decorative objects until they reach their online store? What is special about your products?

The idea of ​​private sales clubs, which has rapidly spread throughout the world, has become popular among addicts furniture and decoration thanks to their offers and big discounts fetish firms in the world of interior design.

Reproductions of listed historical pieces, designer furniture and talented creators their way with quality products among a public that knows how to value savings of up to 70% on their real price.

Susan Feeney, of American nationality, founder and director of Mooimaak, in Spain, the country imported the concept of private sales club decoration for the firm in 2011. She will help us better understand what they are, how they sell and we can find an online store like this.

Susan what is a private club sales? When and where they come from?

It is a business model that came with Vent Privee. The goal is to work with different designers and brands directly to offer our members an exclusive selection of products at discounts of 50% on average. It’s like a market where market products for different brands and designers. We act as intermediaries between manufacturers, designers and our members.

Membership in the club is free but required to access these sales. We do not buy, estocamos and resell, but the products are reserved and after sale, are sent directly to the customer or to store MooiMaak to be sent to the client. This system allows us to reduce sales prices because we are selling directly without storing.

Ye are specialized in furniture, decoration and gourmet even products Why this choice?

It was a strategic decision caused by the niche market that existed at that time in the market for online decoration. I’ve always liked me decorate my house and discover new brands and designers attractive and interesting. I realized that it was not easy to find an online site where you can buy and access products anywhere in the world of design and affordable home prices.

So I decided to do it. We focus the idea of ​​MooiMaak to have the team of creators of style and experts because, personally, I think that when decorating the house is very useful to have access to ideas and expert advice in decoration and at the same time to acquire these products .

What differentiates a club of such other online shops where we can buy furniture?

This is not a web focused on discount or products in stock or outlet, but an online destination to discover, learn and buy the best unique products from around the world under the direction of a group of influential stylists.

Our goal is to delight and make the online shopping experience a truly pleasant moment, as it should be the “go shopping”.

Susan how brands of furniture and decoration with which we work are chosen?

We seek young unknown designers, foreign and traditional brands and work a selection of collections difficult to find in Spain. We have collaborated with more than 200 brands and continue to develop relationships with new designers and firms successful.

Are all products trend in the season?

We, in particular, offer a mix of products this season, past seasons and exclusive products emerging designers. It depends on each firm.

How do you buy in a private club furniture and decoration?

First, and as private sites are, you have to register on the site to access offers and campaigns, as well as the advice of stylists, their magazines and benefits and generally organized campaigns.

The purchase process is similar to any online store. The campaigns of the different brands and concrete pieces are in line for a certain time. After choosing the product, the purchase is confirmed by the payment system chosen and the company indicates about the delivery date.

Although Mooimaak develop its activity in Spain, extending the presence of creators, products and trends by zones of influence thanks to the advice of renowned stylists and information about what goes on furniture and decoration

The club benefits, making reference to both their fans and for the designers and brands that are exclusively open a window to show everyone literally their products. From outside Spain can be traced in stores and showrooms in each country.

Other clubs in the United States

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