Clean furniture with homemade products

Pue d is clean wood furniture and other materials with homemade products, effective, cheap and ecological. Save money, you save space because you do not need so many bottles, sprays and wipes and care for your furniture. Other auxiliary materials and accessories also benefit.

A good way to clean wood furniture, regain their shine and clean them up at once is

How the mixture of vinegar and oil work?

Very briefly, clean vinegar and oil prevents abrasion and nourishes wood. Olive oil which has wood color may darken slightly. If you want to keep the same tone used make sunflower, which is clearer. To avoid full color replaces the oil liquid petrolatum, but this ingredient is not usual to have it at home.

If the cabinet is very dirty, use lemon instead of vinegar. It has a deeper cleaning power.

What if the furniture is scratched?

For shallow scratches on the furniture you can apply Vaseline oil directly on the wood surface and leave for a while. Then rub with a clean cloth to polish.

What if the varnish is damaged?

How clean furniture melamine household products?

Furniture and melamine resins have a nonporous finish. The best way to clean them is with a cloth dampened with a mixture of water and dishwasher (which we use for dishes). Eye, although only wet because melamine is nonporous water can penetrate through the joints and swollen wood, even off the layer is bonded to chipboard or plywood.

He then goes on kitchen paper (white pulp) impregnated with glass cleaner (below you have a homemade recipe) and get back the shine.

If the smell of vinegar is too strong you can replace it with the same amount of lemon juice. You can slightly adjust the proportions of the mixture until you get one with which you feel comfortable.

There are many different recipes for homemade cleaners but in my opinion this is the simplest and for which you will always have the ingredients at home.

A resource recycling that might already know is to use the role of old newspapers to clean the glass cloths instead of paper or cellulose

Clean a leather sofa with products that you have at home

Leather sofas (and chairs and other upholstered furniture with this material) are delicate and to last many years and always look great need some, but not complicated individual care. Blog on the couch recommend us, especially for light colors

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