Coffee table original field house

The coffee table is near the sofa, the players in the room and the place where they end all eyes. They are, together, the soul of the rest area.

Also called coffee tables, coffee tables should be in harmony with

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In general, for both decorations, the chosen style will be more informal than for urban housing or housing first classic.

Previously, cottages rustic tones kept in darker colors and gray varnished wood but lighter colors, paint remover in two or more colors, earth tones and stone have been and still are popular have transformed decoration and furniture of these houses.

In some cases, the rustic decorations are now more “chic”, newer or adapted to new styles.

The Shabby, style “worn” has given way to Shabby chic and has also been appropriated rustic decorations.

So coffee tables have also evolved and are no longer the typical dark wood and thick legs.

The wood is usually protagonist of the materials but also the metal and glass or a combination of two or more of them.

The envelope of the coffee table for cottages can be achieved from recycled elements, which serve you an example

These are just some of the alternatives I suggest you as example

no longer you have to stick to the wood and the varnish but you can choose other most striking finishes.

The choices are many and the important thing is to form a harmonious whole with sofa and chairs, as well as the rest of the decor.

Use the plus of originality you fancy because, well fitted, your coffee table cottage can be as original as you want.