Collections: save as display them and where

If you have collections, no matter the size of the pieces of your hobby, sure you need a place to display them. Some things can be grouped on the furniture and others need special cabinets and furniture.

Create sets

You can place them on a piece of furniture in the form of still life. Dressers, side tables, consoles in the hall or in the dining room buffets are good supports that come to life. Thus, a collection of teapots find a good place on a side table in the living room, or dishes on the sideboard in the dining room.

Its main advantage is that having closed the things inside are preserved from dust and, at the same time protected from blows or accidentesHay of all kinds

Small cabinets with glass doors to hang and where spoons, thimbles or miniatures are placed. You can even make you, as this small cabinet made with a box of wine.

These same, larger, they can accommodate a collection of bottles or porcelain cups, for example.

Glass cases

Square, like this one from IKEA, the STOCKHOLM showcase model, which allows objects to be seen on all four sides. They are especially useful for sculptures, cars, or any three-dimensional object.

Cabinets with glass on the front. These can only be a part of the object you want to display so they are well to open books, household items, such as soup tureens or teapots

Glass cases as, for model airplanes, frames, or some old buildings need to be specially preserved

Storefronts-vajilleros. They are fitted with very little background with glass or not, to display and, in turn, have on hand dinnerware collection that is used or not. They can have shelves for glasses and cups and being closed cabinets in the bottom, with blind doors, which keep the remaining pieces that are not on display.

Closed cabinets with glass doors for valuable books. There are many fans of old books that need special conditions that keep them away from dust, moisture and direct sunlight. Choose, for this closed cabinets.

Another type of glass case is that of the refrigerated holds special temperatures. And there are wine enthusiasts, and collecting bottles or winning vintages specific brands that want to ensure that their wines are not going to spoil. In these cabinets it is possible to place the bottles so that the labels look from the outside.

Open shelving and bookcases

For your various collections uses normal shelves and distributes various places of living and even the home. All you have to do is find a link to guide this distribution