Decorate small dormers, furniture and resources according to their use

Furnish and decorate a small attic is a challenge to get get all the performance space. Use a number of resources will help you, whether your attic small size is a single room, which adds to your house as if it is an apartment or apartment where you will live. The sloping roofs and interior decorations require some special furniture.

Resources to gain space

Sliding doors

Opt for furniture with sliding doors opening to win the space in front of them. You avoid the many square centimeters that need the doors to open.

Furniture casters

Furniture to facilitate their mobility and displacement. This is important in the case of tables, chairs and sofas. When you get to move them modify the space, for example, to open supplementary beds or chairs. Another benefit is that it is easier to clean under and behind them.

multifunctional furniture

If you choose pieces of double or multiple uses, such as sofa beds, folding tables, puffs to become mattresses or in which you can store things you get two things: save space and have furniture for various functions.

Coffee tables have drawers or shelves can underneath, raffia baskets that serve for storage or leaving banquettes inside.

Separation of spaces; Separate spaces with other furniture is a good idea. It uses half-height shelves that by not obstruct the view, separated but not overwhelmed. Select them open on both sides, thereby providing visual continuity.

Use screens of lightweight materials like bamboo, wrought iron or metal, with semi-transparent fabrics. They serve to separate the bedroom area or wardrobes.

The colors in the attic furniture

The smaller the space of the attic, more clarity should try to have. It is getting

Base yourself for it in painting walls and ceilings and furniture, textiles, soil and materials and furniture design, combining all intelligently.

As you know, the colors range from white, yellow stones and very clear tend to reflect light so they appear larger environments. You can create optical effects with complementary or contrasting colors on the walls supporting them some piece of furniture that you want to highlight. It may be an original piece of furniture or an antique which give prominence.

To avoid uniformity playing with different shades and textures, both in furniture and upholstery fabrics, cushions, bedding and sofas. Leave the warm, darker colors for accessories.

The furniture and materials

Similarly, clear melamine furniture or furniture pickled in white have their space. Lacquered furniture reflect light and if you play with the visual and luminous glass and mirrors multiplier effect practically’ve come to success.

As for the size, avoid bulky armchairs and choose sofas lightweight structure, as metal with high legs and wheels that also will offer extra beds. Generally Choose furniture to medium height, not prevent or short line of sight, enlarged environments. , Always, forget the idea that our attic is a kind of storage where pile up furniture and fixtures with those who do not know what to do.

Ceilings and windows are there any solution?

The lack of light is one of the main problems that have to furnish our attic. This is caused by the lack of windows, so the solution is difficult. If the house is your property, you probably will not have trouble getting a license that allows you to open more windows or enlarge you have.

If, on the contrary, it is not, you have no budget or in an apartment, you’ll have to resort to the imagination to furnish and illuminate your attic.

With these few tips will get your attic instead of looking like a dark place to get lazy to upload a cheerful and welcoming.