Differences between rustic styles, field and shabby

What are the differences between the rustic style, country and shabby? There are three styles share a few characteristics but have different personalities.

You want to know how to tell them apart?

The rustic furniture, occasional furniture and other items, all names a style characterized by simple furniture, unpretentious, helpful and warm.

The rustic style is suitable for housing in the countryside

However, this type of furniture does not have to be old: simply must conform to a type of characteristics that fit that appearance. Nor they have to be handmade.

You can find rustic furniture of all kinds in many manufacturers, perfectly versioned.

Nor they have to have a finish unpainted. There are rustic furniture in different colors, usually inspired by the natural colors: white, broken, green, red and white …

Other decorative elements accompany this type of design, including

The country furniture or “country” is also a field unit, as the name suggests but fits various denominations often have to do with where they come from or which are commonly used and which also includes beach and coastline.

What does this mean?

But that does not mean you can not find old pieces of great value in markets and slaughterhouses.

Other styles that can be compared with the rustic style is Shabby. This definition refers to “worn, damaged”. It is a style linked to England.

What then are the differences between these decorative styles? The truth is that probably are more similarities than what separates them.