Erotic furniture: where to buy and how are

Erotic furniture that are designed to couple encounters imbued with sensuality and more satisfactory. Eroticism, or how to view sex as an experience in which involve the senses, has been a constant in the history of mankind, more or less accepted in different cultures and historical moments.

The furniture has been involved, although the bed has been with the “exclusive”. However, imagination has gone forever, beyond. Not many years ago love chair he used the English King Edward VII, made exclusively for its large volume and special preferences was discovered.

There are some firms that sold erotic furniture designed and constructed so that the couple encounters more satisfactory and imbued with sensuality.

There are more, but here you give the example of three companies involved in the design and marketing of erotic furniture, which are also beautiful and elegant for themselves.

▶ The Tantra Chair or Tantra Chair is another erotic furniture with international projection. Devised by A J Vitaro, the firm sells Zen By Design, dedicated to furniture for meditation, primarily. They are based in the United States and subsidiary in Canada.

Its design is based on the female body, and has soft, rounded lines. It fits into any environment and comes in various colors and finishes.

The Tantra Chair aims to unite sensuality and spirituality and offer experiences that go beyond those that can be achieved in bed “is designed to enhance the sacred positions of Kama Sutra”, as specified on its website.

▶ The Spanish firm Margarita Bonita also has several proposals of erotic furniture in its catalog: Movement Bed, a bed that reproduces the movement of a love affair, the Neotantra Sofa and a collection of auxiliary called Love Pilows. On their website claim that “at first glance to be a nice piece of furniture, but only the owners know their extraordinary hidden qualities reserved for moments of intimacy with a partner.”

They have the advice of doctors, sexologists, engineers and interior designers.

▶ The Mexican firm Bala Studio has a whole line of furniture that has been shown, and admired in shows around the world, including Milan. His erotic furniture have a specific purpose but are also pieces inspired design, sculptural lines that anyone could have in your living without desmereciera decoration and that are required to be displayed in museums for.

Directed by Andres Amaya and Xanath Lammoglia, his first piece of this range was the chair called Barbarella. After his great success at the Fair of Milan, Studio Bala continued to design other pieces, discovering a whole niche market that is not yet tapped 100 100.

A sector that has taken advantage of the pull of this type of furniture is the hotel. Many establishments included in the “letter for couples” experience with Tantra Chair or a chair Love, more modern than Edward VII, of course.

But even everyday furniture have their “hot” point. Why “Medical Insurance” has included several everyday furniture among the most dangerous places for sex.

Did you know this kind of furniture? Do you dare to buy one?