exempt shelves to save space

Exempt shelves or racks flown are those you place on the wall independently and do not fit into any furniture.

If there are some modular furniture that complement this type of shelf but here I will touch on how to use them independently.

This type of shelving is ideal for making spaces lost at home, as starters or mochetas, for example.

If you have little space in any room of your house and you need to put some things on shelves I recommend using this method.

Having open shelves in the kitchen has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of cleanliness but certainly has them as to gain space

This type of shelf can be attached to the wall with different types of anchor. This will determine how much weight that can support.

With this data and you’ll know what to put on it. The best way to choose it is therefore to know what you put in each type of shelf before choosing for aesthetics.

It is different place glasses little heavier weight jars with, legumes, for example.

If you have a small room as a living room or library, it is easy to gain storage space for books and collections by placing a free perímetrro shelf in the room up to the top of the doors.

The drawback is that they are more difficult to access, so it is best to place things that do not continually use.

In one of the walls of a small room exempt bottom shelves left free space, with its lack of structure, they occupy less visually and physically.

Utilílizalas to expose collectibles, DVDs or books.

If the paint in the same tone of the wall merge with it and still have less visual weight.

You can also buy them, paint or varnish them in the same color predominating in your decor or other contrasting.

In a small hall a good solution is to place a shelf instead of the typical furniture.

Placing a mirror on it have the two pieces essential to the hall without taking up hardly any space.

You can complete it with a coat hanger and so, in a few centimeters, have a suitable furniture for very little money.

Often there are gaps in the houses made on purpose or because that are due to the structure of the house, which come in handy to place furniture.

If you want to save, instead of ordering a cabinet of this type, it uses several free shelves, as pictured: you gain in aesthetics and practicality.

Here are some ideas to inspire this kind of aid.

Brackets to hold shelves are exempt in DIY stores, decoration and even on large surfaces.

They come in different colors and materials: wood, metal, plastic, iron … And encotrarás designs to suit different styles, from classic to modern.

Ah! There are also “invisible” brackets, ranging within the shelf rather than outside.