Furnish your first home: plans on budget

Do you have to furnish your first home? Do not you know that buy furniture? Here are some tips to not fail.

Furnish the first house can become a headache if you do not know what you need, how much you have to measure furniture or how much they cost. Therefore, it is best

Make a list of the minimum necessary furniture, room by room

The first recommended step is to sit down and decide, on paper, what the needs are room by room and focus, always, to the number of people who will occupy the house. Think of the minimum necessary because buying a particular piece of furniture can become a mission of months.

Make a realistic budget

What is your real budget? How much you want or you can invest? Here you should consider things like whether it is a rental, if an apartment for a limited time or if it will be your home (and your furniture) for many years. Depending on the response you should spend more or less on them.

Take measures, as accurate as possible, apartment or house

It is very helpful to make a general level and other concrete, Breakfast, to be clear furniture that fits in your home and the size they may have. Those plans or sketches will accompany you every time you go hunting and capture of furniture. The dimensions of a piece in an environment can be misleading and furniture that looks small in the store can be huge in your hall.

Doors, windows and other elements are you precluded to put your furniture?

Pay attention to details

How many storage spaces is your house?

The value of the closets and cupboards in a house is unquestionable and, I think, that especially longed for the female side of the population. If you are lucky enough to have work cabinets and pantries can save a lot of money on them.

If you need, measure very well the walls where they can be located and, on the plane, make sure you do not prevent open doors or windows.

Choose modular systems that can be adapted to virtually all circumstances and choose them with sliding doors. If they are glass (albeit tempered, opaque or translucent) will seem to take less.

You can buy them in kit, assembly systems that can make yourself at home and demeaning rather the price of these large pieces of furniture.

If you have space to store both the rooms and the kitchen, you’ll need less furniture which lowers and maintains clearer your home.

Note appliances

Appliances, although not formally furniture, inserts often go in one, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. They have priority over other and are a major expense. In the case of television, for example, not only you have to buy the device but a piece of furniture on which to place it.

Compare these points to get a list with the necessary furniture, their measurements and what you can spend on them. And keep in mind that a house is not furnished within a week. The houses and decorations made gradually, day by day and it is preferable, if it is your ultimate home, spend more time searching for the perfect piece.

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