Furnished cottages today: furniture and materials

Wood Materials which we will incorporate instinctively going to be wood, queen of this type of decoration.

We find finished in all its variants: the natural, painted, waxed, painted. It can be pine, beech, oak, birch or chestnut but, sure, it has an important role.

Other natural materials: wood Besides, in the cottage we will find other natural materials such as rattan, wicker and rope. Thus we see wooden chairs with wicker seat or rope, woven chairs and rattan furniture rope.

Recycled wood: In recent times, also furniture made from recycled wood have gained prominence, while environmental awareness did.

Leather & Leather Products: We found pieces of seat upholstered in leather, like sofas and armchairs, large if space permits. upholstered stools and skin rugs cow or sheep is also related to the field. Not only are materials that come from that environment but have traditionally been linked to life in the villages.

Wrought iron, brass and iron: These materials are found in traditional metal beds, either forged or brass, widely used in the bedrooms of the cottages. We also find in fireplaces or stoves exempt, which become, also in a cabinet.

Office furniture: antique, corresponding to different manufacturing workshops (textiles, printing, workshop tables, counters and shop windows) that charge a new life for different functions for which they were created furniture.

They are authentic antiques found in auction houses, brocantes and antique shops. They are furniture with personality so you have to decorate with them without excesses, choosing parts that give prominence and swinging his presence with lighter ones.

Other antique or rustic furniture that are valued are the cupboards and cabinets, tables and chairs and desks. You will find very faithful reproductions firms that sell rustic or garden furniture.

As for the seats, plus sofas or leather, you can choose more modern pieces upholstered in natural fabrics, rough look, like burlap or cotton and velvets, playing with textures of other fibers. Do not forget the Chester sofa suitable for these decorations.

wingback chairs and high back seats and old banks also have a place in the garden.

As we seek this symbiosis between inside and outside, it is best to use the colors of nature when we think of the textiles and upholstered furniture in a house. Green and brown colors are required, in addition to accompanying the various stations that are intensely living abroad: ochres, reds, mauves, garnets and all earth tones.

It is advisable to use light, neutral colors on the walls and in some textiles not saturate in dark colors and brighten our furniture. Prints fit nicely into these decorations. Also this year the British tones are fashionable and country.

In the sofas and armchairs you can put wool plaids or artificial skin and sprinkle them with colorful cushions trend. If the seats are smooth and clear choose patterns and vice versa, always seeking balance to compensate for the light and dark tones.