Furniture dresses and decorated for Christmas

Decorate the furniture at Christmas makes them real protagonists: clothe, as the dining table or sofa, tuck, like chairs and armchairs and decorate with a multitude of decorative objects or ornaments, bought or made at home it is one of the pleasures this time of year. In addition, you can engage all family members.

The living and dining room are perhaps the most decorated rooms.

With these pictures, belonging to Christmas catalog firm texture Interiors, you will see the many possibilities you have to make your home for a month or so, the Christmas shelter millions of people around the world dream.

Get inspired them to make your own decoration.

The hall is the first room you see the inside of your home. You will have decorated the porch (if any) and the front door but, inside, the furniture also expect engalanes.

First, choose a theme or a color to use as a basic palette if it were. The basic colors par excellence are green, red and white, accompanied by silver and gold.

The dining table is undisputed star at Christmas. Gala dress is one of the greatest pleasures of meals and Christmas dinners. Put the best of you, no matter if your dishes are not great and your glassware is what you use every day. You can get very cheap items in cardboard or plastic decorated, which serve bajoplato and precious tablecloths and napkins paper.

Place candles and some center on the table that you can do with painted pine cones, branches, ivy or moss combined with balls of different colors, silver or gold.

If your table is nice, you can use table runners that cross and intersect each other.

Chairs can also “dressed” for the occasion. Put simple loops that grip a ball back, for example.

The bedroom can also dress Christmas. Quilts on the bed, pillows that remind us of dates and even if you have room, your own Christmas tree.

The fireplace is a traditional element of winter and a way to expose objects and very suitable Christmas decorations for your home. But do not you have a fireplace? No matter, compose still lifes with centerpieces, birth or fun and varied ornaments and place them on a console or a dresser, along with your usual ornaments. Right now you can find the numerous sale and original compositions, some made with garlands of Christmas lights or dolls.

Christmas and winter are firmly ensconced in the minds of many, although there are many countries that celebrate these holidays in the middle of their summer or at least in good weather.

Anyway, shelter seats and chairs, is a Christmas imperative that is installed in the collective subconscious. An allegorical pillow and a blanket or warm plaid will be well on an armchair in a special corner.

Furniture usually have handles and they can hang ornaments on a tree, star or decorative balls in the colors you’ve chosen for Christmas. It is easy to attach garlands of lights or cards with legends alluding to dates.

Take advantage and involves children in its realization: the doorknobs of their lockers or your desktop are places to exhibit their creations and mirrors.

The essential thing is to decorate to promote feelings of love and tenderness that inspire us dates taking her to the decorative details and lighting, special, playing also an important role at this time. Do not forget the primary role of candles.