Get a look old wooden cabinet

To make furniture look old or old there are techniques that can be applied on wood and are a few simple tricks.

With a few materials you have at home sure you get to an old piece of furniture or a decorative object appearance. You’ll have a piece that will appear to be many years cheaply.

The starting point will be a wooden cabinet or one pickling raw and prepared for varnished finish. It can be a more or less large part, the foot of a lamp, a box, a chair or a picture frame or mirror any wood will do.

Once you have the natural furniture or pickling follow these steps

This method ensures that the present cabinet antique look very natural because

In addition to this method to artificially age furniture are other

With these techniques you get an antiquity without spending much money, economically and even recycling other elements. Even, we can encourage us to restore directly antique furniture.