Home Furnishings current beach houses

Decorating a beach house requires, first, be aware of the colors that involve the sea and what is related to it. As in country-style houses it is furnishing a home in connection with the outside.

These colors will wrap environments that, in turn, will make the furniture stand out and have prominence.

But within this style, you also have other options: nautical rustic, nautical urban, nautical or nautical-modern shabby chic. As you can see, the range is extended considerably. Because, remember, the beach houses are not necessarily just for the summer. Many people usually live along the coast.

You know that there are many colors and styles to choose from. Now touch the furniture

Derivatives white, but shades of gray and very light brown, this color, furniture, pieces gives us very close to the line of Nordic furniture. They are also tones that add visual breadth to the spaces, illuminating. Completion with patinas is very suitable for rustic or shabby chic.

Marine essential color themes, white furniture, also provide light, enlarge the spaces and create environments calm. Do not forget that the white color has its own range of different shades.

This is the case, also, furniture painted white aged.

The color of the sea, almost by definition. But there are many blue, all basic in nautical decorations. The palette is wide, from spinning to green tones, such as turquoise and that is clearly in fabrics and textiles, such as blue, cobalt, marine including varying the gray and stormy days emulate. Blue is also a color, furniture, he came, conquered and stayed.

There is much tradition in that color, in general decoration and furniture: remember Chinese pieces and elsewhere in the world, the very colorful Mexican furniture, although almost all countries have such pieces in its popular furniture.

Sofas, armchairs, headboards, chairs, puff and other auxiliaries are perfect elements to test on them the colors of the sea, in printed or plain, textiles cover a wide range of decorative possibilities. The good, when you tire of a fabric can substitute another and, in the case of large pieces, the room will look completely different even with the same furniture.

Homemade or purchased, usually finished with glass or white screens in the case of lamps, they are very suitable for the decoration of houses along the beach.

Like the furniture of natural fibers: wicker and rattan combined with upholstery are another excellent choice.

Like the previous two, wooden furniture evoke washed beaches and remains abandoned by the waves boards. With a layer of wax or white lead (already finish decap├ę) they are easy to reproduce at home from a wooden raw, untreated.

This type of furniture can be made of wood that you “donate” the sea: boards, planks or branches left by the tides or boats, unused, of its structure is used. This type of material is using Artlantique firm, supportive and generating work in Africa. Their furniture arise, colorful and cheerful, the remains of the fishing boats West Africa.

It is easy to fall into the temptation of a monothematic decoration. Without realizing it, you can start to accumulate as many marine objects and water your house look like the cabin of an old ship.

Opt for the right to complete the environment without overloading. And do not forget the green. There are beach houses surrounded by woods and pine forests.