How to choose the best for each furniture upholstery

Starting point: what is upholstering? It is covered or covered with cloth or other material furniture or a wall (yes, a wall). And this gives us an important clue and then, depending on what type of surface is concerned, you have to choose one or another fabric.

When choosing a fabric for furniture the first criterion you have to consider is the use that will give

• If you will be in a room with traffic

• If you are going to use the adults, children or both

• If you are very close to the entrance of the sun (the sun “eats” color)

• The rest of the decor

• Your budget

Almost all firms have in their catalogs furniture upholstered in different colors to better fit your possibilities, but the offer is not very extensive.

Another possibility is to buy one of the large textile firms, which are arranged without upholstery furniture for you to choose from all fabrics from its catalog which you prefer.

The price will vary depending on what costs the meter of fabric and meters you need.

In fact, when it comes to fabrics, we must distinguish between fabrics and materials. The fabric is the plot that gets working it and the material it is made, the fiber, which gives it its name. For example, cotton canvas or cotton gauze.

There are natural fibers such as cotton already mentioned, wool, silk or synthetic fibers, such as polyester or acrylic.

Today it is normal to mix both fibers to give more resistance to wear and tear and make them more practical when washing or cleaning. They last longer in perfect condition.

Cotton, natural fiber most commonly used in upholstery, has several advantages

– It is durable and not deforms

– It is relatively inexpensive

– It looks cool and provides additional ease

– You find wide variety of colors

And among the highlights cotton sailcloth, a hard fabric and gives a lot of play because it is suitable for both upholstery and textiles for the windows.

Chenille: almost always mixed, can be cotton, linen, silk. Their advantage is soft, pleasant to the touch.

Chintz: Traditional English fabric, known for its flowers (the British recognize by movies and series) who was for years the “queen” of upholstered sofa and armchairs. It is also used in curtains or bedspreads.

Velvet: Equally Traditional upholstered sofas and armchairs, for its softness to the touch and sight and warmth.

Tweed is wool and its appearance is irregular and mottled. It is highly appreciated in the upholstery of sofas.

Toile de Jouy: cotton cloth because it reproduces very characteristic countryside or literary scenes in one color, over white background. The result is delicate and is used mainly in headboards. Also in curtains or in smaller pieces.

Damasks and brocades: for pieces style and you want to emphasize, are rich and gaudy fabrics, first, to upholster and, second, to complete with cushions, for the brightness of its wires.

Here are some of the best known among the natives. Among the artificial fabrics, which as you know are mixed with many natural. They have also improved the texture and feel are as nice as natural. Some examples

Polyester, polyurethane, polyamide and acrylic: easy to clean and resistant.

With this you will know something more of the fabrics you choose for your furniture upholstery. Very handy when it’s you who is responsible for renewal.

Upholstered simulator

The firm KA International offers this simulator, very handy when seeing how each is furniture with fabric chosen.