How to clean and maintain wooden furniture without damaging

A quality furniture with a wax finish, you need proper maintenance at least twice a year, whether or not have spots. This is especially important if your furniture is old.

Every week, you have to take care of their finished removing the dust with a soft cotton cloth and rub the wax slightly to show its luster.

If your furniture is painted, the same treatment thorough cleaning will give life and make minor scratches disappear.

Important: This treatment is good for finishing melamine furniture or other plastic or similar surfaces, which do not carry wax or varnish.

Prepare a mixture of equal parts (1/3) linseed oil or petroleum jelly, alcohol, turpentine quemary. They also sell ready products in specialty stores that will facilitate the work. It is important that you take notice that brands are focused on the treatment of used furniture or old because they will be of better quality.

With a steel wool very fine (000) soaked in the mixture rub the surface gently furniture. Let stand about 30 minutes and remove it with a cotton cloth. Let the furniture dry.

This way you make sure completely remove the old wax for the new penetrates the entire surface evenly.

Then, with the crank pin or other cotton cloth, seen handing the colorless wax furniture, evenly.

Let dry.

You can use the colorless wax that sell canned in any supermarket or use any specific product of that market specialty brands.

Specialized brands restoration products also offer you waxes with some tinting, which are useful if you want to slightly change the color of the furniture.

In that case, make fine color and finish you want him to take no surprises. Add is simpler than removing the colored wax that already have penetrated into the wood.

Polishes and polish with cotton wrist. With this method, your wood furniture will be protected and always show a natural glow.

Avoid regular cleaning with other products with a high wax content, which accumulate on the surface.

Repeat the treatment twice a year or before, if you find a stain or scratch on the surface.

Your furniture will be well protected and wood “nourished”.