How to clean kitchen cabinets

Clean kitchen furniture, appliances and all the space in general is a priority at home but perhaps one of the heaviest. With a few tips to get organized

If the use of your kitchen is intensive, probably cleaned once a month is little to the outside of the furniture, but enough for its content. If, however, your kitchen is not used much, you can choose that term, and even extend it, and with a cloth week will suffice.

If you clean regularly, it will be easier because dirt will not be embedded.

A day will keep the contents of your closets and you will know at all times what you need to buy and which products have passed its expiration period.

1. Clean a closet every time not to invade the area support the entire contents of your kitchen

Method: remove the contents of the cabinet, clean inside and out, replacing the content, revising previously. Go to the next cabinet.

2. Clean from top to bottom and inside out

When you go to clean all furniture, holistically, adjust to this rule to prevent re-soiling what you already have cleaned.

3. Start by cleaning the dirtiest and ends so easy

If you start by the dirtiest furniture such as the cooking zone, the easy part left for the end, when, tired, everything costs us more.

And furniture on the side of the cooking area. This area is special even though protect them (I have stainless steel plates on the sides of the furniture bordering the hob) is inevitable splashes and grease stains reach these furniture.

It is best to review them every time you cook, even slightly, because that no dirt accumulates. Still, you will see that you have to give them a good look at the overall cleanliness.

This step is also advisable to clean the fume hood because if we leave it for later, stain what we have already made clean.

Product: Use a mild degreaser (if possible, organic) and special scourer, of which not scratch, especially if your kitchen cabinets are laxada or varnished wood.

First, take out the content. Clean inside also with a degreaser product because it is easy to get into (it is suspended in the vapor). Then clean the outside. Keep cleaning the rest of the upper cabinets

4. Clean the rest of the lower cupboards

After the upper, lower cabinets clean the same way, paying attention to those containing pans, pots and pans, which you usually end quite misplaced, and in the sink.

This cabinet also probably dirtier because it is easy packages and cans containing finished falling part of the products (even if the closures well). It is a mystery but it happens. Take the opportunity to update your shopping list and check expiration dates.

If your kitchen has many meters in one day can not cover everything, divide the work, in this order

I try to use brands that use environmentally friendly components to the environment.

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