How to Make a table with an old suitcase

To make a table with an old suitcase, you serve as a coffee table in one corner of the house where you need a support surface, precise few elements and work is very simple, those that terminate in an end week are you game?

If you do not have at home an old or antique suitcase uses traces, garage sales or thrift stores. It is relatively easy to find any of those used in the years 70-80, rounded and rigid forms.

You can also rely on family or friends may have some for their storage, forgotten or keeping old memories.

Although it is scratched it does not matter because you’re going to paint over. It is important to have a solid structure.

▶ ︎ Clean and restore suitcase

Thoroughly clean inside and out and let aerate and dry for 24-48 hours

If the inside is very run down, remove the cloth that covers and lined with some sort of adhesive velvet (the inside with this finish similar textile are quite striking)

▶ ︎ Place a wooden base, before painting suitcase

▶ ︎ Paint the case (and the wooden base)

You have your suitcase painted

▶ ︎ painting or varnishing the legs, following the same process

Additional information

– Painting with Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

– What it is a patina and as applied

Now we just put the table-suitcase in the place of your choice. Retro and put a nice touch on anywhere you choose and you can use it as telefonera table, table to allow mobile and electronic gadgets (and keep in boots) or based on an original lamp.

Depending on where you go to be positioned, you can make different versions: as a tailor or in the nursery, pastel painting it.

If the case is in good condition, or leather, for example, you do not need paint, just clean it well to look your best.