How to Paint an upholstered puff paint Chalk Paint

Chalk paint Paint has very special characteristics that make it suitable to decorate any kind of material without stripping or having to remove the finish. One of these materials is possible fabric.

A few years ago, I made this puff of pine, hollow, in order to keep inside slippers and sandals pool house. I upholster using wadding and ecru canvas, as a base, and then a burlap cloth type (also known as hessian). Over time he broke the outer fabric and stained and when I took it, I saw that was also stained the canvas base. This meant having to change too. The work was put on hold until I decided to try painting Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan, with the fabric and see what getting results.

In the photo you see as left. Here I tell you the process and my experience.

You will need to

• Painting Chalk Paint the white “Original”

• Wax Soft Wax, of the same brand

• A round brush

• Clean rags and sponge

• Water

I chose this color because I’m renovating several pieces of home with him, but any other will do. The dark and midtones are fine. The effect of applied and rubbed wax, after painting, with one of these tones upholstery, leather is used. Very interesting.

You can add a decorative motif made with stencil, for example, to match the rest of the decor or, if you are good at painting freehand do it yourself drawing inspiration from geometric patterns, letters or numbers that are trendy this season.

To continue the work, also I painted the legs of the puff, they were painted in a dark tone.

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