How to paint or varnish a furniture IKEA

You can paint, repaint or varnish in various shades many of these furniture. The answer is, of course, yes.

IKEA furniture are popular mainly because of its price. This firm has also designed furniture lines and more expensive materials. Although they not cost much to get rid of them before you can well give them a second look and see how you can change their appearance.

You have several options to change your look without hands dirty. Among them, change knobs and handles, wallpapering or with hangings rear of cabinets or shelves, tune with paper or put a mirror above (see link). But the varnish and paint are also possible and easy to use.

There are various types of furniture from IKEA you can differentiate.

The clear coat serves to protect the wood and, simultaneously, a natural shine.

You have two possibilities

▷ Varnishing (the link you have all steps) back onto the original varnish. You can use darker shades (there is a wide range in your paint store) to adapt the furniture to other decoration. Using other tricks, such as changing shooters.

▷ Painting over the glaze (the link you have all steps). The range of colors and paints is almost infinite.

In both cases, the previous layer of varnish, will serve as a basis, so you do not have to use or primer, or primer. Only, sanding with fine steel wool before putting to work.

If you want refinished IKEA furniture that is already painted and is in good condition I recommend three ways to do

First, for all cases, sand lightly and remove fine dust with a clean cloth that leaves no traces.

Then you can spend a damp cloth, in case there any rest. This step facilitates gripping of products apply later.

▷ A hand primer seals the pores of the wood and serves to leave a uniform layer that facilitates the next step, which is already painting (see link how to paint a wooden cabinet)

▷ Use a multipurpose paint. Or calls are “all in one” “universal”. The product does not need the previous coat of primer.

▷ Applies coats of paint you need, at least two. (See link how to paint a wooden cabinet).

▷ Use a paint type Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan, who also need primer and finish which reminds the more rustic and yet soft French style. Feeling “chalk”. You can see what it is and how Chalk Paint is used.

If you want to change the furniture aspect is melamine or some plastic finish, you have to resort to the primer.

▷ Not being porous materials, but lijes, will not serve to paint better grip and is easy to scratch then can not hide ..

▷ Once you’ve given the coat of primer, paint normally. To understand the whole process look at this link that tells you how to paint a melamine cabinet.

▷ If you want to use paint Chalk Paint, even though the instructions say it is not necessary to prime, I recommend you do.

Otherwise you will have to apply very thin hands, which means, in turn, give more layers.

If you want to paint a metal cabinet, as they can be headboards, beds, outdoor furniture or interior, it will be even easier than with wood.

▷ Clean them and dry well with soapy water to disappear all traces of dirt and grease that accumulate our pieces of furniture.

▷ Then apply a coat of primer and paint with the chosen color. Do not forget sanding lightly between coats. You can follow the whole process ow c paint your iron and metal furniture.

Iron furniture and painted metal are of the most spectacular pieces. Do not be afraid to use bold colors are trend.

▷ Finally, remember the importance of sanding between coats, to choose quality paints and choose, whenever you can, for acrylics or water-based.

They are easier to work, cleaning is simple and quick and behave like any synthetic product base.

Dare to try to paint if you want to customize or renovate an IKEA furniture.