How to renew a stool with Chalk Paint and crochet cover

Renewing a sidewalk with chalk paint and crochet cover is an idea to update and re-integrate it into an updated decor.

It’s what I’ve done with a seat in my living room, which was painted in a dark tone upholstery. I used paint Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan and I myself have woven a sleeve crochet

This seat is small and very useful for large gatherings such as booster seat. Following other changes, I used the same paint for other parts of the house.

This is the result after renewing the bench in my class, previously painted and upholstered in a dark tone.

These seats is very useful for the many meetings as auxiliary seats. They do not take up a lot and are very decorative.

I used the same paint for several pieces that are elsewhere in the house. The aim is to find a common decorative nexus.

Optional, if you want to crochet sleeve

With another brand of paint

You can get a similar finished with another painting. The important thing is to be killed. All brands have them. Notice that apply paint generously.

You need a previous white primer (for wood or universal) or a decorative painting that needs no primer. In your store or DIY center can advise you.

I chose the colorless finish. I think later if I want to apply another coat of wax with some color.

You have a cabinet with silky finish, appropriate for terminations romantic styles, vintage or shabby chic.

Instructions for making the crochet cover the sidewalk by the Knitting Guide

Advantages of a sheath for different upholstery

Place a holster allows you


Wood painting with other brands of paint

Gustavian style furniture, forerunner of Nordic style

Do you dare to change the look of your furniture in this way?