IKEA catalog Children 2015: trends and developments

Children are also players in the IKEA catalog 2015. Among the new features is an important section for the little ones. The Swedish brand always book a good part of their design and ideas for integrating furniture and spaces of the smallest in a special way.

Here you can see a bed with a canopy fun, combining tradition with a fun and colorful textiles that transform, almost, in a play space more: play to sleep.

As elsewhere in the catalog in general (and as usual) colors “angry”, in bright colors are in children’s spaces: red, yellow, green and blue on furniture, tapestries and textiles bringing joy and dynamism.

But equally, white, pink throughout its range, pastel colors like lilac, and touches of black. They are mixed with natural wood very harmonious way.

Pink, from bubblegum pink to pastel shades of “pale pink” attached to white, are very present. Pictured is combined white closet, storage proposal and the metal bed with textiles in that color. The canopy is made with a lace curtains, creating a very feminine bedroom for princesses. Also you find furniture in pink.

About Colors trend in 2015, you can consult Pantone proposals for interiors and furniture.

Children’s bedrooms or playrooms earn much if they have a table where you can play, draw, do crafts or puzzles without fear of smudging. Inspirate in the picture, in which the SANSAD pinewood table accompanying storage units in which to keep their “possessions”.

A high bed with space underneath for a desk, wardrobe and shelves, easy to design for your needs, is a good way to maximize space in smaller rooms. You can also choose the colors of doors, desks and storage furniture. In the photo, the fun and bright touch puts the carpet.

Micke desk and bookshelf model Kallax in this corner of study that combines pink and white. The desktop is a lightweight but very effective visually, decoratively. It’s a good idea to furnish a room girl who grows and where schoolwork is increasingly important.

In this photo, the study area and storage has furniture in white and blue. Mammut chair model gives an idea of ​​the height of the table. Combine the study, drawing or the game is easy when you have a large area to store their things: shelves, wardrobe and hanging bags on the table.

In this child’s bedroom premium the green: bright, funny and very current. The bed, a double berth, incorporates elements of play and storage area with drawers. Everything is combined with natural wood colorless varnish. One bedroom for two in colors suitable for children.