IKEA headboards: types and how to choose

Something that characterizes the Swedish brand is its effort to furnish small flats, stylish and gaining the maximum the meters available. A practical idea to take advantage and create, at the same time, extra space is to opt for furniture that also have an extra storage function.

At IKEA you can choose headboards with holes for books, alarm clock or anything else you want to save and accessed from the side.

The Oppal model has an inclined structure that makes it comfortable to support your back. You find it in two colors, brown and black-brown, and measures to double or single bed.

The BRIMNES model, straight and white, also has compartments that are accessed by the sides. For single and double beds it is part of a series of furniture for bedrooms.

The ODDA model of 97 centimeters, with compartments. More suitable for juvenile bedrooms, it has a removable side module with wheels inside the headboard.

These storage headboards are made from wood fibers or wood particles and coating, ABS plastic and foil, in the line of furniture melamine, easy to clean and maintain.

They are anchored to the wall and secured with fasteners (to be chosen appropriate to each of the models) but also go flat on the floor.


The MALM is a simple board available in two colors, 140 and 160 centimeters. Marketed in the colors sheet-oak and black-brown (made mainly fibreboard and particleboard and laminated, one in oak, varnished colorless. The other mixture MDF and varnished sheets).

The second, Mandal, is a headboard slats, includes 6 shelves between their holes, they do function nightstand. It has a measurement of 240 centimeters, which makes it suitable for beds up to 160 centimeters or, to put a bed supported up to two meters and make function sofa. There will still be 20 centimeters free on each side.

In both cases, the panels are fixed to the wall with appropriate hardware.

If you want an upholstered headboard bought at IKEA have to resort to double duken, available for 140×200 and 160×200 mattresses. The headboard is comfortable and fluffy and has several cases you can combine with the rest of the decor. All you have to do is dispense with the structure that comes in addition to not having to buy the bar.

Over upholstered headboards

Do not “loose” metal headboards. The solution I propose is the same as with upholstered headboard: buy full bed and use only what you interesa.Es what I did with this bed.

In this case, what you get is to have two pieces that can be used as headboards, one easier than the other. You can use them in another room, alternate them to change the look of the bedroom or paint them to get a different model.

It’s what I’ve done with a bed structure model Leirvik, which I used as a header in two different rooms: a headboard and footboard another. This is a romantic bed cut for delicate bedrooms and combining with floral, delicate textiles in pastel shades, or larger, dark prints.

The same applies to bed Svelvik model that gives you two metal headboards. Although suitable for many styles, it fits well in rustic decorations.

Both structures are in measures of 140×200 cm. and 160×200 cms. They are made of steel with epoxy / polyester powder coating.

All these structures and headboards are combined with bed bases and bed bases with legs. Below them they can be placed storage systems or use Bunkers as a basis for the mattress.