Is it better to remodel or sell your house?

If you think you outgrow your house, which is not as comfortable as you dreamed or looks old, you have two options. Buying a new or remodel the existing one. In the first case, before taking the plunge to sell you have, you investigate if you are prepared to buy another home.

If the answer is no, consider fix you have. Even in some cases where you can buy another home, the best option is to stay in the present, among other reasons because when it remodels somehow is managing a house and tailored to the particular tastes of each owner. How do you know if you should remodel or buy another?

You must be clear on what you want. Ask yourself if you want

More space.

Put more comfortable home.

The property looks prettier.

Improve and modernize cabinets, appliances and home accessories.

Increasing energy efficiency of housing.

Increase the value of the property when the bandages.

With the improvements you’re thinking of doing

Would you feel happy with the property?

Like the location and the community where the house is?

What positives has your current property?

Your credit standing is good to get approved for a mortgage if you decide to buy another house to move in and not remodeling?

Do you have job security? This is the other requirement if you decide it’s better to buy another property.

Does the community where you live allows the kind of improvements you want to do, such as building a deck, add square feet inside, as a “family room” or additional room or change the facade?

Your investment in the improvement will not exceed the market value of housing? Beware improvements to “take out the property market.”

In this line you must go to the safe, so the best idea is to consult a professional assessor (assessor) to orient you on the value of your property.

Define exactly what you want and develops the idea.

Investigates the requirements for building. What it is and is not allowed. There are thousands of works that begin and not only have to cancel because they have permits, but are also causing heavy fines for homeowners or their hired.

Determines who will do the job. You just have to do it yourself if you are sure of your skills or you can have expert help. Although it may be a great idea to save money, apart from the satisfaction of seeing something done by yourself, keep in mind that more than 30 percent of the work they have to do contractors come from failed attempts that have made owners remodel homes for themselves.

Before hiring investigates references and everything about your place permits housing and insurance.

Asked how long it takes work and planning. If it is a large project, you may need to leave the property some time.

Evaluate costs and your budget. Find out if need be aware that funding and spending is often greater than projected. unforeseen may arise.

Keep in mind that at all times is essential to maintain the safety of your family members, the staff working in the work and your pets.

If you decide to hire the remodel, revises contract well. It is essential not only for the project, but for peace of mind and secure your investment. It must also contain everything related to guarantees.