Kitchen Trends 2016

Kitchen trends 2016 bring us open spaces, modern furniture, straight lines, combined with more traditional to create warm, suggestive and living environments.

Kitchens are no longer a separate and separate space and gain prominence. It opens to the living room, interaction and becomes social area.

Cooking is no longer an obligation to become an exchange of experiences for all those who enjoy creating different dishes. For your kitchen you will know.

Design trends in housing and interior spaces

Open shelves a hole made in the kitchens of 2016. You will have to assess the pros and cons of having them in yours because often depends on ventilation and your use (more or less use) of space.

Obviously, in a windowless kitchen or little chance to aerate and much use it is advisable to choose closed shelves, but it depends on your taste and possibilities cleaning each.

The furnishings are practical but beautiful. the fusion between design and practicality are looking for.

Kitchens have not have to be of a unique design: modern, Ultra-functional, or traditional like our grandmothers.

Mixing elements of both trends create warm and vivid environments, without implying that there is minimal design kitchens and straight lines (in full) or more traditional or rustic wood.

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2016 Kitchens advocate smart appliances that are truly an aid in the daily life of the preparation of dishes. But that does not imply that they are not pretty. Care designs with a minimum of buttons, it makes them a decorative element.

Farewell to the paneled appliances.

In countertops, all kinds of materials: natural, such as marble or granite and wood or artificial, such as Silestone, dupont, etc .. The important thing is to create a space of beauty and warmth.

Tops: Corian, Silestone, wood or steel materials