Latest products and home accessories at CES

The technology was the queen in the latest version of the “International Consumer Electronic Show” or CES, as he is best known, held in Las Vegas. That display electronics for the consumer is produced by “Consumer Electronics Association” and here you will see some of the developments in household products.

The special refrigerator for food preservation

Presented by Samsung, this refrigerator “Samsung Chef Collection” brings four-door model RH9900.

It has a compartment on the bottom “in-Fridge-Freezer” part, which can become in refrigerator or freezer as needed. The total capacity is 34 cu. ft. equivalent to 34 bags full of food.

The garages can be a weak point in terms of the safety of your home, while many people are only concerned to secure doors and windows and forget that the garage is a popular gateway of foreign friends. The company monitoring and security systems, ADT also introduced several products for the home, including the “ADT Pulse Remote Control Garage Door”.

When it comes to having more comfort and luxury at home, the TV star in buying homeowners, as a staple for many of them. For them Toshiba introduced several TV models including the “Series” L7400U “. It incorporates a proprietary technology company that offers twice the brightness than other systems and the most dynamic images. They promise high quality images and sound.

The company that built this bed says it is the most technological world. This is the “The revolutionary Sleep Number With SleepIQ x12 technology” that monitors your sleep and sends your data to an application (App) for your tablet. For everyone who sleeps on the bed feel better, it can adjust your firmness and other features on one side only and if your partner snores bed, even the rocks and who knows if stop snoring with this modern technology.