Living in a small house and be comfortable

The trend suggests that construction spaces will be reduced. The high costs of materials and the increasingly tight pocket of buyers make this is the reality we see in the coming years.

But smaller spaces, resulting in less-foot building need not be synonymous with discomfort. For many are sacrifices imposed by modern times, but the idea is that we always try to accommodate your home best. That’s your sanctuary, the place where you should feel better.

Here are seven ways that you can consider when looking at houses that you find smaller than your expectations. If you need to buy a small size, when you go to see it, assess if you have these chances to make it more comfortable for you and your family

Look kitchen immediately. with open design kitchens are widely used, leaving some space to put a full game room. Many families use the space as a dining room and give it another use the “official” dining identified in the design of the house.

If you have a “counter” where you can put a few high chairs type “stool” is another alternative not only to eat, but as a work area for the elderly or children, if they do not have a “family room”.

Open houses looking designs. The famous and modern “open layout” are fashionable. Just like it for its multifunctional design, allowing you to use living areas for different things to which it was designed. This design integrates multiple spaces into one, sometimes by a large living room which is living room-family room, all in one. If the house brings an open kitchen with eating space, you could use the dining room as a “family room”, office or library, depending on your needs.

Identifies entries natural light. Nothing helps the feeling of spaciousness as a clear, better natural lighting, which also saves energy. If the house has good windows, glass doors and views of conservation areas, large patios, lakes or rivers, it will give you a good sense of spaciousness while not large.

Look well if that house has good interior corners that you can use in the future. You can build integrated type armchairs benches, bookcases or shelves, the potential can be good as expansion element, easy and inexpensive. At the end is a useful and decorative element that can make your home unique.

Orient yourself with a professional or looking for decorating ideas to apply appropriate colors to your home. The tone in which you paint the walls has a magical effect on the decor, mood and sense of size, large or small, in your home. It is not that all walls have to be white, the color helps, but you should choose it right to your home, rather than because it is fashionable.

I was practical. And the time to have two rooms and two dining rooms went for most homeowners. It has been learned over time that the larger, more decorating expenses, maintenance and electricity, therefore the budget conscious buyer looking to live comfortable without great expense or waste. Now it is assessed to have a large room, modern bathroom, good closets and good cuisine, an extra room to use when you have visit.

Look at the potential for expansion of housing. If you do not have a terrace, but a good yard, you could do it later. If it is important for you to make improvements to the house you’re looking at, or consider essential, orient yourself before buying. There are many restrictions for renovations. Researches of the community and even the city where comprar├ís.