Main types of wardrobes

If you are planning to buy or make a new wardrobe at home values ​​before the alternatives you have. Here are the simplest

Exempted cabinets usually come from the factory with a standard distribution, including bar hangers, drawers on one side or directly on the outside and shelves for sweaters, shirts or folded garments. You can include, if any division is possible to hang pants or skirts.

The cabinets, integrated work or need to “dress up” inside and to this end, all panelan wooden walls and made with the same material the interior layout.

The material chosen usually melamine, costing less to wood in more than 60% and provides the additional advantage that can be easily cleaned.

They are mounted based on a wooden frame and are cabinets that fit into the holes and space we have.

They can be closed with doors that are chosen based on a catalog and which are usually sliding doors with different finishes, or remain open when placed in a dressing room or cabin if you opt to have everything in sight.

Depending on the number of gates is said to have the corresponding “bodies”, ie, the gap corresponding to that door. In reality, when we refer to are closed cabinets with sliding solutions, they can have a variable width from 0.60 centimeters twice. The width of the cabinet and the design is to mark those bodies that fit the wall, mainly.

In addition to these types of closets, there are the highly sought dressing, which occupy a higher place in the room and can range from a few meters to a single room dedicated to the storage of clothes, shoes and accessories.

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