Make a bed of wooden pallets recycled

Before building the bed pallet (pallets) of industrial wood to do an approach to its dimensions and the site will occupy in the room, which, when completed, will give modern and green touch.

View photos of beds pallets for inspiration: Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3

The size of the bed depends on the number of pallets you need. Get easy as it is an element that excess industry, need recycled. Containers, shops and stores will be good providers. Try to find them in very good condition.

The first step will be to apply a fungicide to disinfect pallets.

Now is the time to sand the pallets. Do not try to be perfectly smooth wooden because they are very coarse and polish them completely is impossible. This is remove protruding edges and wood, which will be unsightly and also could cause some scratches.

We must review the nails, which are often not very elaborate, and give a hammer blow to those who excel to avoid accidents or to remove them and replace them with new ones if we see necessary.

After sanding primer is applied. If paint, using a white base, as thick as possible to cover imperfections pallets. After drying time, passing sandpaper, clean the dust and apply paint.

The most suitable colors are white or ivory, which are integrated in virtually all environments and with almost all upholsteries.

If you choose the varnish, the base will be a primer, too thick. After a last sanding and a clear varnish (for the same reasons that white paint) ends with a very light sanding. A colorless wax hand bed will leave your future more secure pallets.

The next step is to link the pallets that make up the bed with metal parts bolted necessary to see below

A wooden plank cut a few centimeters from the edge of the pallet structure on which will rest the mattress will prevent this from being deformed by the distribution of the slats and provide a more stable resting base.

You can choose between traditional mattresses or thick rubber foam sheet according to the use that is going to give and the available budget. Another option is a Japanese futon, which give an air of very modern loft room.

Pallet making furniture for our house also implies that different options open to customize the furniture itself, the elements that shape and decoration around them. A) Yes


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