Making a big table for your celebrations

Need a large table for a special celebration? It is certain that sometimes encounter the responsibility of organizing a celebration for a number of much higher than people are usually at home. Improvise places on the dining table and seating for all these people can become a pain in the head higher, even, than the menu. Here you have an idea to get out of trouble improvising a table for many diners, whether for Christmas, birthdays or other gatherings of family and friends.

Place where to put it: First calculate how many people are going to gather at home and the space that you have to place them. Do not think about the nicest place but the most practical. It may be the porch, the garage, the kitchen or the living room.

Table length: Calculates each person sitting needs a minimum of 50-60 centimeters to be comfortable and you have to leave free, in order to move another 50 centimeters behind the chairs (although you can put some of the diners back to one wall and serve from the other side if necessary)

Width of the table: a minimum of 80-90 centimeters to put the services and supplies and drinks in the center of the table.

Table height: standard height is 70-75 centimeters.

A basic, simple, affordable and will serve several occasions idea is to make with metal or wooden trestles and one or more boards, depending on the people who have to sit at the table.

A simple calculation indicates that six people you need a table 180 cm to be comfortable. If you sit face to face for that calculation Build on the number of guests you expect. Buy boards that measure (180 centimeters by 80 centimeters wide), so just have to multiply based on the number 6, and include those who need them. Calculate likewise two sawhorses per board.

The wooden chipboard are the cheapest and can cut them to size you need them in DIY centers or wood.

You can also find MDF, fiber or pine, beech or other wood that come in standard formats of different sizes and colors. They are much more expensive than particle board, but also of better quality and will last much longer. As the measures are standardized have to calculate how many boards and legs you need in your home.

The most economical legs are metal trestles and raw wood. The timber will more expensive if they are varnished or painted, are thicker or one, and designed for writing desks, for example more sophisticated design.

Already legs and boards prepared with original designs.

– Cover each board with white plastic and secure with staples below if particleboard. This prevents smearing it is transparent and under the tablecloth. Also, you will be solving the problem of the chips that could have raw wood.

– To secure the structure is used for every two trestles 150-180 céntralos centimeters maximum and so that the weight is spread.

– If you use two or more boards you may not find a suitable tablecloth. You can make one or use as tablecloths of paper and in numerous meetings and beautiful designs, matching plates and napkins.

– To prevent easels look and the effect of a table ready for a celebration spoil can buy fabric by meter which is used to make sheets and sold in various widths. Add the height of the table, multiplied by two and add the width of the board and have the necessary width of the fabric (eg 75×2 + 80 = 220 cm). Then, once in place, you can decorate the corners collecting it in an original way, with ties, brooches or even a bouquet of fresh flowers.

– Complete the set with folding chairs and you will have a kit dining for celebrations once dismantled not take up much room in your garage or storage.